Python 3 Pandas, Bokeh, and Seaborn Data Visualization

Python 3 Pandas, Bokeh, and Seaborn Data Visualization
Python 3 Pandas, Bokeh, and Seaborn Data Visualization
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Learn Advanced Data Visualization with Python 3, NumPy, Jupyter, Matplotlib, Pandas, Seaborn, and Bokeh

Become a Master in Advanced Data Visualization with Python 3 and acquire employers’ one of the most requested skills of 21st Century! A great data engineer/scientist earns more than $150000 per year in today’s market!

This is the most comprehensive, yet straight-forward course for the Advanced Data Visualization with Python 3 on Udemy! Whether you have never worked with Data Visualization before, already know basics of Python, or want to learn the advanced features of matplotlib and seaborn with Python 3, this course is for you! In this course we will teach you Advanced Data Visualization with Python 3, Jupyter, NumPy, Matplotlib, seaborn, pandas, and Bokeh.

(Note, we also provide you PDFs and Jupyter Notebooks in case you need them)

This course will teach you Data Visualization in a very practical manner, with every lecture comes a full programming video and a corresponding Jupyter notebook that has Python 3 code! Learn in whatever manner is the best for you!

We will start by helping you get Python3, NumPy, matplotlib, and Jupyter installed on your Windows computer and Raspberry Pi.

We cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Basics of Scientific Python Ecosystem
  • Basics of Digital Image Processing
  • Basics of NumPy and Matplotlib
  • Installation of Python 3 on Windows
  • Setting up Raspberry Pi
  • Tour of Python 3 environment on Raspberry Pi
  • Jupyter installation and basics
  • NumPy Ndarrays
  • Array Creation Routines
  • Basic Visualization with Matplotlib
  • Ndarray Manipulation
  • Random Array Generation
  • Bitwise Operations
  • Statistical Functions
  • Plotting with Matplotlib
  • Python 3 and Matplotlib Data Visualization Recipes
  • Seaborn recipes
  • Seaborn and Pandas
  • Bokeh
  • and much more….

What you’ll learn

  • Prepare excellent Visualizations
  • Publications and Printing quality Visualizations
  • 3D Visualizations
  • Add Matplotlib, NumPy, seaborn, and bokeh in resume
  • Appear for Data Science interviews confidently
Table of Contents

Introduction to the course
1 Objectives
2 Topics Overview
3 Please leave your feedback
4 Scientific Python Ecosystem
5 URLs of important projects in the Scientific Python Ecosystem

Python 3 on Windows
6 Install Python 3 on Windows
7 Verify Python 3 on Windows

Python 3 on Raspberry Pi
8 What is Raspberry Pi
9 Unboxing of RPi 3B+
10 Web URLs for the download
11 Raspberry Pi Raspbian OS Setup Part 1
12 Raspberry Pi Raspbian OS Setup Part 2
13 Remote Connection with VNC
14 Linux commands used in the section
15 Python 3 on Raspberry Pi

Python 3 Basics
16 Hello World on Windows
17 Hello World on Raspberry Pi
18 Interpreter vs Script
19 A brief Tour of IDLE
20 Raspberry Pi Vs PC

Python Package Index and pip
21 PyPI and pip
22 pip on Windows
23 pip on Raspberry Pi

Installing NumPy and Matplotlib
24 Install Matplotlib and NumPy on Windows
25 Install Matplotlib and NumPy on Raspberry Pi

Jupyter Notebook
26 Jupyter and IPython
27 Jupyter Installation on Windows
28 Jupyter Installation on Raspberry Pi
29 PuTTY
30 Connecting to a remote Jupyter Notebook
31 A brief tour of Jupyter
32 Jupyter Notebook Notes

Getting Started with NumPy
33 Introduction to NumPy
34 Ndarrays Indexing and Slicing
35 Ndarray Properties
36 NumPy Constants
37 NumPy Data Types

Creation of Arrays and Matplotlib
38 Ones and Zeros
39 Matrices
40 Introduction to Matplotlib
41 Numerical Ranges and Visualization

Random Sampling
42 Random Sampling

Array Manipulation
43 Array Manipulation

Bitwise Operations
44 Bitwise Operations

Statistical Functions
45 Statistical Functions

46 What is Pandas
47 Install Pandas on Raspberry Pi
48 Install Pandas on Windows
49 Series
50 DataFrame

Pandas Visualizations
51 Pandas Visualizations Part 1
52 Pandas Visualizations Part 2
53 Pandas Visualizations Part 3

54 Pandas Datasets in Seaborn
55 Colors and Asthetics
56 Visualizations and Plots
57 Visualizing Regression in seaborn
58 Uni-variate Data Visualization
59 Catplot
60 Pairgrid

Visualizations in Bokeh
61 Getting Started with Bokeh
62 Interactive graph within Notebook
63 Interactive Visualization
64 More Bokeh
65 Layouts in Bokeh
66 Column Data Source
67 Column Data Source Visualizations
68 Log Axis Example
69 Scatter Plot
70 Brushes
71 Stock Price Visualization

A complete data Science example
72 A complete data Science example

Downloadable Code Files
73 Downloadbale Code Bundle