The Complete Power BI Practical Course 2022

The Complete Power BI Practical Course 2022

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Power BI: Jump start your career as Power BI developer

Do you want to learn how to work with Microsoft Power BI?

Are you a beginner looking to become а proficient Power BI user?

If so, congratulations, as you have come to the right place!

This is a complete course that consists of four parts building on each other:

  • Power Query
  • Data modeling
  • DAX expressions
  • Building visually-pleasing and practical reports in Power BI

In the process, you will learn how to apply a number of best practices the course author has learned on the job while working for some of the largest companies in the world.

Everyone wants to create a beautiful dashboard. But only few people are able to do so because it isn’t an easy task.

By taking this course, you will learn how to:

  • Manipulate data with Power Query
  • Translate complex business logic into DAX expressions
  • Create data models inside Power BI
  • Understand the fundamentals of dashboard design
  • Build beautiful and interactive dashboards that can be presented to clients

All of this is shown step-by-step in a beginner-friendly manner.

This course is designed for students who like to learn by doing.

It contains over 15 hours of content, packed with real-life business scenarios along with quizzes and projects that allow you to apply what you have learned in practice. By completing the course you will acquire a solid understanding and will be able to jumpstart your career as Power BI developer.

We will not only teach you how to create stunning dashboards, but we will also introduce you to data modelling, data transformations, teach you how to write DAX, set up calculated columns and measures, generate roles, and of course share your dashboards with your team or clients.

Power BI allows you to connect to hundreds of data sources and quickly analyse your data for free. And, although Power BI desktop may not be available for Mac, this course will show you an easy solution that allows you to use Power BI desktop on your Mac for free for the next 12 months!

This course is suitable for complete beginners, intermediate and advanced users, as we’ll guide you every step of your journey with easy to understand explanations.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create data models inside Power BI
  • Get a good solid understanding of DAX
  • How to build beautiful and interactive dashboards that can be presented to clients
  • How to shape your data to meet the needs of the business
  • Get a full exposure of the dashboard creation and sharing process
  • Learn how to manipulate data using Power Query
  • Understand the fundamentals of dashboard design, no more boring dashboards
  • Students will learn how to work with Power BI independently
  • How to translate complex business logic into DAX expressions
  • Clear and easy to follow, step by step approach in each lesson
  • 1 to 1 support using the Q&A feature
  • Create, style and format popular visuals such as Pie chart, Table chart, Trend line
Table of Contents

What Does the Course Cover
1 What Does the Course Cover
2 How to Use This Course

Power BI Overview
3 Introduction to Power BI
4 Power BI Desktop vs Power BI Pro
5 Power BI Data Sources

Power BI Setup
6 Power BI for MAC
7 Power BI for Mac Part 2
8 How to Install Power BI

Course Resources
9 Download Course V2 Files

Power Query
10 What is Power Query
11 Importing Data
12 Data Types
13 Replacing Values
14 Merge Columns
15 Extract Values
16 Remove Duplicates
17 Remove Columns
18 Filters
19 Date Functions
20 Conditional Columns
21 Unpivot
22 Merge Queries
23 Parameters
24 Query Properties
25 Data Profiling
26 Web Scraping
27 Mathematical Functions

Data Modeling
28 Data Modeling
29 Relationships
30 Role Level Security

DAX Expressions
31 Calculated Columns
32 Calendar Table
33 Building a Measure
34 Measures Table
37 Iterators
41 Logical Operators
42 Variables
45 Text Functions
47 Time Intelligence
48 Expression Based Titles
49 Tabular Editor
50 Calculation Groups

Building Reports
51 Power BI Canvas
52 Drawing Shapes
53 Slicers
54 Filled Map
55 Matrix Table
56 Donut Chart
57 Interactive Tooltip
58 Gauge Visual
59 KPI Visual
60 Card Visual
61 Area Chart
63 Format Painter
64 Stacked Column Chart

Course Version
65 Section info & Download Resources

Connecting to Data Sources
66 Introduction to Data Sources
67 The Query Editor
68 Import vs DirectQuery
69 Importing Data from Excel Files
70 Importing Data from Excel Files – Continued
71 Data Modeling Explained & Key Concepts
72 First Data Model
73 Active vs Inactive Relationships
74 Entering Data Manually
75 Roles
76 Refreshing Data
77 Hierarchies
78 Ask a Question

Practical Task Three
79 Task Three
80 Task Three, Part 1
81 Task Three, Part 2

Data Modelling
82 Introduction to Data Modelling
83 DAX
84 Calculated Columns
85 Measures
86 The Star Schema
87 The Snowflake Schema
88 Investigating the Filter Flow
89 Related vs Relatedtable
90 Bi-directional Cross-filtering
91 Calculate
92 Time Intelligence, Part 1
93 Time Intelligence, Part 2
94 All
95 Filter
96 Iterators
97 Logical operators
98 Switch
99 Text Functions
101 Expression Based Titles

Practical Task Four
102 Task Four
103 Task Four, Part 1
104 Task Four, Part 2
105 Task Four, Part 3

Creating Our First Data Visualization Report
106 Introduction
107 Report View
108 Slicers
109 Bar Chart
111 Conditional Formatting
112 Field Formatting
113 Gauge Chart
114 Card Visuals Part 1
115 Card Visuals Part 2
116 Drillthrough
117 Filters
118 Map Vizuals
119 Custom Colors

Practical Task Five
120 Task Five
121 Task Five, Part 1
122 Task Five, Part 2
123 Task Five, Part 3
124 Task Five, Part 4

Practical Task Six, Final Project
125 Task Six
126 Final Project, Part 1
127 Final Project, Part 2
128 Final Project, Part 3
129 Final Project, Part 4
130 Final Project, Part 5
131 Final Project, Part 6
132 Final Project, Part 7
133 Final Project, Part 8
134 Final Project, Part 9
135 Final Project, Part 10
136 Final Project, Part 11
137 Final Project, Part 12
138 Final Project, Part 13
139 Final Project, Part 14

Bonus Lectures Power BI Service
140 Important Announcement for students without access to work or school email
141 Power BI Service
142 Workspaces