The Complete PHP MySQL Professional Course with 5 Projects

The Complete PHP MySQL Professional Course with 5 Projects
The Complete PHP MySQL Professional Course with 5 Projects
English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 19.5 Hours | 3.45 GB

Learn PHP MYSQL by building 5 Projects including PHP Regular Expressions & CMS | Become a Full Stack Back-End Developer.

Have you ever wonder why their are so many PHP Mysql Courses but they offer very little practical skills. Even though if you search on Udemy the longest course will only offer 1 big projects. Sometimes its difficult for beginners to understand the long project right after learning basics due to lack of practice.Furthermore, big courses just give presentation to projects they never ever let students see their actual content.


  1. Regular Expressions 25 mints
  2. Complete Contact Form + Email 1 Hour of Content
  3. Dynamic Web Pages (Directory Project) 1 Hour of Content
  4. CMS Based Employee Management CRUD 2 Hour + 30 minutes of Content
  5. CMS + Admin Panel with Stunning blog + FREE Bootstrap 10 Hour of Content

This course will focus on all the Fundamentals , Building blocks and Advance Concepts of PHP in complete details which are essentials for beginners. In this Course students will build project after every section to see the real world representation of PHP.


  • Getting Started with Bootstrap FrameWork from scratch without using any Bootstrap Template
  • Using PHP Sessions in a more sophisticated way and pass information easily on different modules of Project
  • Full Coding Exercises
  • Login Logout Admin System
  • Tips / Tricks
Table of Contents

1 Course Promo Video

Building Blocks of PHP
2 Requirements overview
3 XAMP Downloading and Installing
4 XAMP Server
5 XAMP Files and Solving Error
6 Getting the Best Editor
7 Document overview
8 Variable
9 Constants
10 Strings
11 Numbers
12 Arrays
13 Arrays Functions

Coding Exercises of Course
14 All Coding Exercises of Course

Building Blocks of PHP Continue
15 Inside Job
16 If Statements
17 Operators
18 For Loop
19 While Loops
20 For-each Loops
21 Switch Statements
22 Branching
23 User Define Functions
24 Re-usability
25 Static Variables
26 Local Variables
27 Global Variables
28 Super Global Variables

Super Global Post Variable
29 Form
30 Form Another Working Example

Regular Expressions
31 Regular Expressions PPT
32 Regular Expressions Creation Part 1
33 Regular Expressions Creation Part 2

Form Validation Pro
34 Form Validation Project Overview Part 1
35 Form Validation Project Part 2
36 Form Validation Project Part 3 Adding Constraints
37 Form Validation Project Part 4 Finishing PHP
38 Form Validation Project Part 5 Working with CSS
39 For Sending Email
40 Sending Email in PHP
41 Form Validation Project Sending Email

Dynamic Web Pages
42 URL
43 Links
44 Dynamic Web Pages Project Part 1
45 Dynamic Web Pages Project Part 2
46 Dynamic Web Pages Project Part 3
47 Dynamic Web Pages Project Part 4

Powerful Super Global Variables
48 Cookie
49 Setting Cookie
50 Un-Setting Cookie
51 Session
52 Server

Employee Management Crud Application
53 Working with DataBase
54 Working with DataBase Code
55 Creating DB and Table
56 Establishing Connection
57 Connection Code
58 Inserting Into DataBase Part 1 Form Creation and Applying Styles
59 Inserting Into DataBase Part 2 PHP and Query Creation
60 Inserting Into DataBase Part 3 Adding Constraints
61 View From DataBase
62 Delete From DataBase
63 Update Into DataBase Part 1
64 Update Into DataBase Part 2
65 Update Into DataBase Part 3
66 Update Into DataBase Part 4 Summary
67 Search From DataBase
68 SQL Injection
69 Styling

The Giant CMS Project
70 Last Project Trailer

Configuring Bootstrap
71 Download bootstrap
72 Bootstrap Error in New Version
73 Bootstrap Introuducton

Designing Admin Panel
74 Creating the Dashboard
75 Designing Tabs
76 Icons
77 Footer

PHP MYSQL Work in Admin-Panel
78 Creating DataBase and Category Table
79 Creating Category Form
80 Date and Time
81 Validations on Category
82 Completing Manage Category Page
83 Add New Post Form Creation
84 Add New Post Form Validation
85 Add New Post Form Complition

Working with Public Front-End of Blog
86 Deigning Public Front-End Navigation
87 Toogle Menu
88 Designing the Main Area for Blog
89 Extracting Post From DB on Blog Page
90 Activating Search Tab of Blog Page
91 Full Blog Post
92 Designing and Extracting Dashboard
93 Enhancing Admin Experience
94 Edit Post Extraction
95 Edit Post Updation
96 Delete Post

Working with Comments
97 Designing Comment Form
98 PHP for Comments
99 Adding Relation between Tables using Foreign Key and Primary Key
100 Extracting Comments
101 Designing Comments Dashboard
102 Approve Comments
103 DisApprove Comments
104 Delete Comments
105 Enhancing Admin Experience on Comments Tab
106 Delete Category

Admin Registration System
107 Adding New Admins
108 Extracting and Deleting Admins

Managing Login Logout Access Process
109 Designing Login Page
110 Adding Addson on login page
111 Longing in
112 Restricting Admin Area
113 LogOut Page
114 Adding Author Name in Creational Process
115 Adding Author Name in Comment Approval Process

116 Understanding Pagination
117 Restricting Content on our Blog
118 Creating Pagination Algorithm
119 Creating Pagination Links
120 Styling Pagination
121 Creating Forward and BackWard Button on Pagination
122 Completing Main Area

Working with Side Area of Blog
123 Starting Side Area
124 Creating Panels
125 Showing Posts According to Category
126 Recent Posts in Side Area

Finalizing the Product
127 Final UI Presentation and Code Testing Part 1
128 Final UI Presentation and Code Testing Part 2

What Next
129 Best Practice
130 Bonus Lecture
131 For More