Complete Path to JavaScript Mastery

Complete Path to JavaScript Mastery

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The only JavaScript Course you’ll ever need!

You’re feeling confident with HTML & CSS but you have a really hard time understanding JavaScript?

We’ve all been there, JavaScript is hard for everyone. Imagine if you could learn it completely. You’d be able to immediately start learning React, Angular, Vue or even Node and get hired as a professional web developer.

Complete Path to JavaScript Mastery covers everything you need to be an outstanding JavaScript Developer who is ready to learn any framework or library.

This Course is For You If

You want to gain a deep understanding of the most popular programming language in the world: JavaScript.

You have taken other JavaScript courses but: you still don’t really understand JavaScript, or you still don’t feel confident to code real-world apps. This course is perfect for you!

You’re interested in using popular libraries/frameworks like React, Angular or Node.

You want to get started with programming in general: JavaScript is a great language to learn how to code.



+ Table of Contents

1 Introduction to the Course
2 Where are the projects?
3 Environment Setup
4 Visual Studio Code
5 Visual Studio Code Extensions
6 Our Workflow
7 Variables Intro
8 Variables
9 Data Types
11 Strings
12 Numbers
13 Booleans
14 Null and Undefined
15 Objects
16 Statically vs Dynamically Typed Languages
17 Operators Intro
18 Arithmetic Operators
19 Comparison Operators and Equality
20 Strict vs Loose Equality
21 Logical Operators Part 1
22 Assignment Operators
23 Intro to Logic and Control Flow Intro
24 If Statement
25 Truthy & Falsy Values
26 Logical Operators Part 2
27 Switch Statement
28 Ternary Operator
29 Looping – While and For Loops
30 Functions Intro
31 Declaring and Invoking Functions
32 Function Return
33 Arrow Functions
34 Parameters vs Arguments
35 Tricky Parts Intro
36 Scope
37 Hoisting
38 Closures
39 Strings Intro
40 String Length and Basic Properties
41 Change String Case
42 Searching for a Substring
43 Getting a Substring
44 Split a String
45 Reverse, Repeat and Trim a String
46 String Exercise
47 String Exercise Solution
48 Arrays Intro
49 Array Methods
50 Array ForEach
51 Array Map
52 Array Filter
53 Array Find
54 Array Includes
55 Array Sort
56 Array Some and Every
57 Array Reduce
58 Objects Intro
59 Accessing, Adding and Updating Properties of an Object
60 Built in Methods
61 Methods
62 Value vs Reference Intro
63 Value vs Reference Explanation
64 Shallow Cloning
65 Deep Cloning
66 Intro to DOM
67 Selecting Elements
68 Elements Properties and Methods
69 Working with Classes
70 Creating, Traversing and Removing Nodes
71 The “new” Keyword
72 The “this” Keyword
73 Classes
74 Intervals and Timers
75 Introduction to Asynchronous JavaScript
76 Callbacks
77 “Callback Hell”
78 Promises
79 Async/Await
80 Modern JavaScript Intro & Recap
81 Module Imports and Exports
82 Rest and Spread Operators
83 Object and Array Destructuring