The Complete Guide to Designing a Mobile App

The Complete Guide to Designing a Mobile App
The Complete Guide to Designing a Mobile App
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Build your audience with professionally designed, UX-friendly apps

Welcome to The Complete Guide to Designing a Mobile App!

Many fantastic apps never attract a big audience, and one key reason for that is that they’re poorly designed. There’s a big difference between building an app and designing it; it’s the difference between an app that works perfectly, looks fantastic, and does exactly what it promises, and one that doesn’t. The more design work you put into your app, the more successful your app will be.

In this course, you’ll get a brief overview of design principles, before getting into the how-to and learning by doing, with regular exercises and challenges to test and cement your learning. The first half of the course focuses on:

Design basics—Learn simple (but devastatingly effective) design principles. Understand the differences between iOS and Android design systems, and what that means for your app.

Polishing your idea—Tailor your app to your users and stand out from the competition!

Learn how to sketch out and wireframe an app idea and see the difference this makes!

Information architecture—The backbone of any good app. The structure of your design is so important—learn the guiding principles behind the app and information architecture here!

Style—color, font, icons, typography. Everything you need to know!

Components and patterns—Help users navigate your app. Create forms, fields, notifications, animations, and more!

The user experience—Make your app simple and intuitive and your users will love you.

Design with Sketch—A complete guide to the hugely well-regarded design software,

As your skills increase and your confidence grows, you’ll start work on three brilliant projects, designing and creating every element of the following apps!

An Instagram app

A food delivery app

A studio booking app

By the end of this course, you’ll know everything there is to know about app design and will have created three hugely impressive projects for your career portfolio!


  • Learn basic design principles and tools you can build on for your apps
  • Learn how to explore your competition and leverage this to your advantage
  • Understand the differences between the two main platforms: Android and iOS
  • Research your potential users and market to effectively target your app
  • Plan, sketch, wireframe, and design your own apps
  • Master one of the leading design tools, Sketch, and make your ideas come to life
Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 What You Should Expect
3 What you’ll need for this course

Design Basics
4 What is design
5 Why Design Matters
6 User Experience vs UI
7 Design Principles
8 Understand Color Science and Theory
9 Understand Typography
10 Android vs iOS Design Philosophy
11 Design Elements
12 Design for Mobile; Beyond the Phone

Discovery to Solid Idea
13 Idea Mapping
14 How to do User Research
15 How to do Competitive Research
16 Sketching out an Idea
17 Wireframing and User Flows
18 Test, Iterate, Repeat

Information Architecture, the bones of your app
19 Information Architecture
20 Mobile Architecture
21 App Layout Principles
22 Designing for Different Resolutions
23 Gestures

24 Color
25 Icons
26 Imagery
27 Typography
28 Writing

Components & Patterns
29 Navigation
30 UI Controls & Common Patterns
31 Notifications
32 Fields and forms
33 Animation & Motion
34 Cards
35 Progress Indicators
36 Lists
37 Tables
38 Errors
39 Offline States
40 Search

Bring it Together
41 Onboarding
42 Discoverability
43 Accessibility
44 UI Sound
45 Overview of Design Systems

Design with Sketch
46 Sketch Overview
47 Artboards & Templates
48 Ui Kits
49 Creating your own symbols
50 Plugins
51 Libraries
52 Creating an icon
53 Sketch Mirror

Design an Instagram Clone
54 Overview of Instagram Clone Project
55 Visual Design Home
56 Visual Design Profile
57 Visual Design Search

Design a Food Delivery App
58 Overview of Food Delivery App Project
59 Order Flow Overview
60 Order Cart Solution
61 Delivery and Payment Solution
62 Order Confirmation Solution
63 LoginSign Up Overview
64 LoginSign Up Solution
65 Restaurant Listings Overview
66 Restaurant Listings Solution
67 Details & Reviews Overview
68 Restaurant Details Solution
69 Reviews Page Solution

Design a Studio Booking App
70 Overview of Studio Booking App Project
71 Competitive Research
72 Studio Pass Wireframe Challenge
73 Studio Pass Wireframe Solution
74 Studio Pass Visual Design Challenge
75 Studio Pass Visual Design Solution

Prototyping Tools
76 Why prototype
77 Paper Prototyping
78 Prototyping in Sketch
79 InVision
80 UXPin

Voice, AR, & Gaming
81 Augmented Reality
82 Design with Voice
83 Designing for Games

Resources & Conclusion
84 Resources
85 Conclusion