Complete Guide to Build IOT Things from Scratch to Market

Complete Guide to Build IOT Things from Scratch to Market
Complete Guide to Build IOT Things from Scratch to Market
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Build IOT products using Arduino, NodeMCU, ESP8266, IOT Platforms, Sensors, Displays, Keypads, Relays, PCB's, Casing & more

This course is designed to enable "YOU" to create amazing IOT products and solutions from scratch all the way to the market.Learn it by creating 3 IOT devices from scratch for Home Automation, Building Security and Assisted Living use cases!

The focus in this course it to enable and equip the audience to immediately start building IOT products. We touch all the necessary software, hardware, platform, protocols, everything in between to the point it is required. Additional study material is provided for a deep dive.

Soon there will be more apples coming out of the garage! imagination will be the only limitation.

Key Course Subject Highlight's :

  • 70 + Professionally authored lectures with supporting content
  • Understand what is an IOT thing, IOT Ecosystem, big picture, Use cases, layers and communication protocols
  • Learn how to work Arduino UNO, Arduino Nano, Sensors, Displays, Keypads, Relays, Power converters the whole nine yards.
  • Learn how to connect your IOT devices to the internet over Ethernet or Wifi. Learn how to work with Ethernet Shield, Wifi chip ESP8266 and Development kit like NodeMCU.
  • Understanding software ecosystem, working with Arduino IDE.
  • Learn how to write code (sketch) for your devices, from basics.
  • Understand the different options to Connect your device to a IOT Cloud platfrom, DB's.
  • Learn how to persist data to the cloud platform using an API and HTTP methods.
  • Learn how to program triggers in the IOT platform like making a call, send an email, sending a text and more.
  • Learn how to use a Mobile APP service to create Android APP's in no time and be able to control your IOT device with it over the internet.
  • Learn PCB designing using Fritzing, Casing, Soldering and more.
  • Learn about Manufacturing, Certification, Angels, VC and more.

IOT devices You will Create in the Course :

  • Product 1 - Smart lights and devices -- Home Automation
  • Product 2 - Motion detector with email notification - Building Safety
  • Product 3 - Panic Alarm for the Elderly - - Healthcare Industry
Table of Contents

IOT - Internet of Things
1 The Big Idea - what is IOT and IOT Things
2 What are we going to do - Course Structure
3 List of all the components required.html

IOT - 101
4 Building Blocks
5 Characteristics and Levels of IOT devices - I am interesting!
6 IOTcommunication Protocols - Hola!
7 Demystifying how the Internet works
8 Hardware Stuff ( Arduino UNO Nano Nodecmu and Ethernet Shield)
9 Hardware - Shields (Wifi ESP8266 RF )
10 Software Stuff (Arduino IDE) lets Power and Play
11 Hardware + Software = Magicware Light an LED
12 How to use a Multi Meter.html
13 How to read a resistor.html

Working with Electronics (Boards Sensors Shields) and Soldering
14 Working with sensors Photo Resistor (Measure Light)
15 Working with Sensors - Measure Temperature Its Hot !
16 Sensor - Motion Detector (who is there )
17 working with relays
18 Working with a Sound Sensor
19 Libraries (working with and installing them )
20 Working with Ethernet Boards
21 Working with Wifi Boards
22 Working with Segment Displays Please enter you pin!
23 Working with a number pad (what is your favorite number )
24 See How a Shock Feels like (do not try this at home)
25 Soldering

Working with Software Arduino IDE
26 What is the arduino language - Theory
27 Syntax and structures (the bare minimum)
28 Memory (how does a computer store data )
29 Variables and Keywords
30 Control Structures
31 Arithmeticcomparison and Boolean operators
32 Basic Functions

Working with Cloud DB Platforms Services and more
33 Cloud Platform (DB) for IOT - Basics
34 Options - CarriotsSparkThinkspeakSAP HANA
35 Temboo - Make a phone call and get pass code from the user
36 Temboo - Send an email from your device directly

WIFIEthernet + Cloud DB +Mobile Apps = Exciting!
37 Upload sensor values from arduino to Carriots with Ethernet Shield
38 Upload sensor values from nodemcu(esp8266) to Spark using WIFI
39 Upload sensor values from nodemcu(esp8266) to AdafruitIo using WIFI
40 Remotely control your board with a Android APP
41 Control an Actual Light using an Android APP

Product 1 - Smart lights and devices -- Home Automation
42 Designing Idea
43 Hardware Required
43 Product-1-convenience-hardware-list.docx
44 Circuit Diagram and PCB layout
45 Code Logic - Build and Walk through
46 Assembly SolderingCasing
47 BLYNK Setup Instruction from BLYNK.html
48 DEMO - Control 2 Devices remotely from an APP over WIFI

Product 2 - Motion detector with email notification - Building Safety
49 Designing Idea
50 Hardware Required.html
51 Circuit Diagram
52 PCB Layout
53 Assembly and Casing
54 Code Logic - Build and Walk through
55 Programming triggers from Carriots to Send email
56 Showtime - Demo and Testing

Product 3 - Panic Alarm for the Elderly - - Healthcare Industry
57 Designing Idea
58 Hardware Required
59 Circuit Diagram and PCB Layout
60 Assembly SolderingCasing
61 Device Register and Triggering an email using Thingerio
62 Code Walkthrough
63 Showtime - Demo- Wear it and Test it!

64 Prototype to Pre-Product
65 How to make a PCB - Using Fritzing
66 Line up your CM and sell your products

67 Get Certified
68 FCC IC and Cellular Certfication Hand book.html

Looking Ahead - BONUS
69 Start a Kick Starter and raise initial capital
70 You are selling and have traction - meet the AngelsVC
71 College grads get ready for the Market
72 College projects need help
73 IOT Trouble shooting