Complete FastAPI masterclass + Instagram clone project

Complete FastAPI masterclass + Instagram clone project

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Learn everything about FastApi and implement a example Instagram clone API project

FastAPI is one of the fastest growing API development frameworks available. It is easy to use and lightweight. In addition it provides some unique benefits such as automatic Swagger docs generation and modern, open standards of development.

This course will give you a complete understanding of FastAPI features. We will discuss simple and advanced concepts so that you have a clear image of what is possible.

We will also discuss how FastAPI works with SQL databases, and in particular SqlAlchemy. We will see how we can expose endpoints that will allow a client to manipulate and retrieve data from a database.

And best of all, ALL concepts discussed will be implemented in code. This will not only be a theoretical course, but a course that builds both your knowledge and experience. Whenever we introduce a concept, we will implement it in code so that you see how it works in practice.

The final part of the course will be a practical project. We will create an Instagram clone app and build the API that is required to make that work. We will focus on a few key concepts like posting, commenting and user authentication. We will also develop a client for our api, so that you will have a complete understanding of not only how to build the API but also how to use it in a React JS application.

This course is meant for fullstack developers who wish to acquire a new skill. That of building APIs quickly and easily.

The course is constantly updated as the API evolves and adds new tools and concepts.

I’m confident you will love this course. So sign up today and let’s get started learning to build APIs in FastAPI.

What you’ll learn

  • FastApi
  • API creation
  • Authentication
  • Deployment
  • Testing
  • SqlAlchemy
Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Freebies and updates
3 If you don’t know Python

Getting started
4 Section overview
5 Installation
6 FastAPI features
7 HelloWorld discussion

GET method
8 Section overview
9 Path parameters
10 Predefined values
11 Query parameters

Operation description
12 Section overview
13 Status code
14 Tags
15 Summary and description
16 Response description

17 Section overview
18 Routers
19 Refactoring the app
20 Adding a second router

21 Section overview
22 Request body
23 Path and query parameters
24 Parameter metadata
25 Validators
26 Multiple values
27 Number validators
28 Complex subtypes

Database with SQLAlchemy
29 Section overview
30 Quick intro about Dependencies
31 Databases in FastAPI
32 Boilerplate code
33 Create database and table
34 Solving a common python environment problem
35 Create database and table continued
36 Write data in database
37 Process review
38 Create and read
39 Update and delete
40 Relationships

41 Section overview
42 Error handling
43 Custom Response
44 Headers
45 Cookies
46 Form data

48 Section overview
49 Authentication
50 Securing an endpoint
51 Token generation code
52 Generating access token
53 User authentication

Working with files
54 Section overview
55 File
56 UploadFile
57 Making files statically available
58 Downloading files

59 Section overview
60 Deployment
61 Debugging
62 Testing
63 Logging

More concepts
64 Section overview
65 Async await
66 Templates
67 Middleware
68 Background tasks
69 Chat client
70 Web sockets

Instagram – FastAPI
71 Project overview
72 FastAPI requirements
73 Project setup
74 Database creation code
75 Database setup
76 Create user
77 Password encryption
78 Create post
79 Get all posts
80 Upload image
81 Authentication token generation
82 Authentication
83 Delete post
86 Create data

Instagram client – React JS
87 Project overview
88 Project setup
89 Retrieve posts from backend
90 Display images
91 Caption and comments
92 Post header
93 Sort posts
94 Header
95 Signup dialog
96 Authentication
97 Update header
98 Maintain authentication
99 Signup modal
100 Signup functionality
101 Post upload UI
102 Upload image
103 Create post
104 Delete post
105 Comment interface
106 Upload comment
107 Retrieve updated comments
108 Review

Instagram client – Android
109 Project overview
110 gradle setup
111 Create project
112 Main layout code
113 Main layout
114 Network communication
115 Perform a network call
116 Post layout code
117 Post layout
118 RecyclerView Adapter
119 Showing the posts
120 Update layout
121 Login dialog code
122 Login dialog layout
123 Show login dialog
124 Login network call
125 Login functionality
126 Logout functionality
127 Signup dialog code
128 Signup dialog layout
129 Show signup dialog
130 Signup functionality
131 Update post UI
132 Reverse posts order
133 Select image
134 Upload image
135 Upload post
136 Post deletion
137 Create comment
138 Refresh layout
139 Review

140 Conclusion