The Complete Course: 2019 JavaScript Essentials From Scratch

The Complete Course: 2019 JavaScript Essentials From Scratch
The Complete Course: 2019 JavaScript Essentials From Scratch
English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 44KHz 2ch | 7.5 Hours | 1.56 GB

Novice to Ninja: Learn to Master JavaScript in this full course. Includes JavaScript projects, live code, an exam & ES6

This is a complete rewrite of the original JavaScript course I created years ago and goes beyond what all other JavaScript courses on Udemy are willing to teach you.

I will take you from JavaScript novice to JavaScript ninja. You will learn how to write JavaScript, and you’ll gain transferable skills that you can take to PHP, Node.js, Python and many more programming languages… all of this with one purpose: to give you real-world useful programming skills to help you get a job as a developer!

Join me as I go through programming fundamentals and how they’re applied in JavaScript. I explain everything along the way (and in great detail), PLUS you get to practise what you’ve learned in 3 projects!

Here you will learn more than “how” JavaScript works, but you’ll also learn the “why” it works. Additionally, you’ll learn about the softer side of being a developer, such as dealing with imposter syndrome.

To achieve the goal of becoming a front end web developer, we’ll go through the theory with real world practice and projects, followed by a final exam. Becoming a full developer means writing and knowing JavaScript, inside and out. That’s what’s going to happen in this course!

This course isn’t just about writing code. It’s about becoming a real world developer. And I share my secrets of success in this industry. Between writing code, the code examples, 3 projects, a final exam, and learning about the soft skills you’ll be completely prepared to apply for a front end web development job.

And if that’s not enough, I share 5 life hacks for earning a living as a junior JavaScript developer that you can apply throughout your entire career. (you DON’T need to wait a year before getting a job!).

By the end of this course, you’ll be a a confident JavaScript developer because you’ll be able to write, read, debug and fully understand JavaScript: the most common and popular programming language in the world.

What you’ll learn

  • Go from beginner to advanced JavaScript
  • Learn and understand how JavaScript really works
  • Learn how to use complex features such as objects, classes, closures, functions and inheritance
  • Learn how to write and debug JavaScript in your browser
  • Become familiar with new ES6 features such as const, let, classes, super, inheritance and arrow pointer functions
  • Practice writing JavaScript with 3 projects
  • Lifetime access to all the HD videos
  • No monthly subscription
  • Learn at your own pace or on the go with mobile, TV and desktop accessible lessons
  • Test your JavaScript knowledge with a final exam
  • Helpful and supportive Q&A
  • Access to a community of supportive developers
Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 What you can expect
3 Join our developer group

How to
4 How to Use
5 How to Ask Great Questions

Getting Started
6 Where to put your JavaScript
7 Basic Operators
8 Comparison Operators
9 IfElse Statements
10 IfElse Statements with User Input
11 Query Selectors
12 Query Selectors Part 2
13 Intro to Functions
14 Function Examples
15 HTML Events
16 Project 2 Create a Browser Calculator
17 Variables and Data Types
18 Project 2 Solution
19 Project 2 Solution Part 2
20 Anonymous Functions
21 Self Invoking Functions
22 Thethis Keyword
23 Hoisting
24 Try, Catch, Throw and Finally
25 Scope
26 Project 3 Making a Modal
27 Project 3 Solution
28 Variables and Data Types Part 2
29 Project 3 Solution Part 2
30 Imposter Syndrome
31 Arrays
32 Objects
33 Objects Part 2
34 For Loops
35 While Loops
36 Intro to Classes
37 Returning Values from Classes
38 Subclassing
39 String Manipulation
40 Super
41 Surprise
42 Const and Let
43 Arrow Functions
44 Frameworks and Libraries
45 How to Make Money While Learning to Code
46 Dont Forget
47 String Manipulation Part 2
48 Project 1
49 Project 1 Solution
50 Very Important
51 Code Comments

52 Summary

53 Bonus