The complete AutoCAD 2018 course

The complete AutoCAD 2018 course
The complete AutoCAD 2018 course
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A complete course for learning AutoCAD from scratch to professional level

This course is a full length AutoCAD 2018 learning package which contains almost all of the topics that you will ever need to work with this software. The course is designed for a beginner so that even with no prior knowledge of AutoCAD the user can understand the lessons and apply the commands in their real life projects.

How is this course different?

Almost all of the courses which you find online even on some popular platforms lack some of the basic features, this course is made to fill those learning gaps & features and to make your learning as much efficient as possible.

The lessons are taught with practical examples and real drawings used in design projects. Every module is accompanied with review question/exercise and whenever in doubt your instructor will always be available to assist you.

What Will I Learn?

  • Make and edit their own AutoCAD drawings, plans and Layouts
  • Use basic as well as advance tools of AutoCAD comfortably
Table of Contents

1 Introduction to the course

Getting familiar with AutoCAD
2 AutoCAD user interface
3 Navigation tools
4 Understanding Co-ordinate system
5 Limits and display units
6 Making and using drawing templates
7 Practice Question

Creating Drawings
8 Making lines
9 Making lines using polar coordinates
10 Circle
11 Arcs
12 Ellipses
13 Rectangle
14 Polygons
15 Introduction to polyline and spline
16 Points and revision clouds
17 Construction line and ray
18 Practice Question

Modifying Drawing
19 Making selection sets
20 Move and Copy command
21 Rotate command
22 Offset command
23 Mirror and Scale
24 Trim and extend
25 Erase Explode and overkill
26 Stretch command
27 Break and Join
28 Fillet and chamfer
29 Lengthen and Reverse
30 Practice Question

Status bar toggles
31 Grid and Snap
32 Polar and Ortho mode
33 Dynamic input
34 Simple object snaps
35 More object snaps
36 From snap
37 More status bar options
38 Practice Question

Drawing Tools
39 Rectangular array
40 Polar array
41 Path array
42 Divide and measure
43 Using multifunction grips
44 Align command
45 Finding Distance Radius angle and co-ordinates
46 Finding area
47 Making Isometric drawing
48 Centerline and center mark tools
49 Region and Boolean operations
50 Practice Question

Drawing properties
51 Assigning object color and Linetype
52 Assigning lineweight and transparency
53 Checking object properties
54 Modifying properties using CHPROP command
55 Model space viewports
56 Creating named views
57 Practice Question

Hatch and gradient
58 Creating basic hatches
59 Set origin and Associative hatch
60 Using advance hatch features
61 Boundary and wipeout features
62 creating gradients
63 Practice Question

Managing drawing with layers
64 Creating and assigning layers
65 using layer properties manager
66 Working with layer states and Layer walk
67 Working with layer filters
68 Laymrg and laydel commands
69 Quick access layer tools
70 Hiding and isolating objects
71 Practice Question

Dimensioning and annotations
72 Creating basic dimensions
73 DIM command
74 Modifying dimensions
75 Creating dimension style
76 Creating dimension style override
77 Continue Baseline and ordinate dimensions
78 Adding tolerances and dual dimensioning
79 Adding feature control frame
80 Creating multileader
81 Modifying multileader
82 Creating Multileader style
83 Practice Question

Working with Text and Table
84 Creating single line text
85 Creating text style
86 Creating multiline text
87 Creating and formatting table
88 Creating table style
89 Adding fields and formulas in table
90 Exporting and Importing table to MS-Excel
91 Practice Question

Working with Blocks and Groups
92 Creating simple Blocks
93 Inserting Blocks
94 Modifying and redefining blocks
95 Write block and Global blocks
96 Inheritance in blocks
97 Creating and using groups
98 Working with group manager
99 Practice Question

Using Attributes
100 Making and modifying attributes
101 Creating and inserting attributed blocks
102 Using fields as block attributes
103 Attribute manager
104 Extracting attribute data
105 Practice Question

Working with external references
106 Understanding external references
107 Attaching X-ref
108 Editing and clipping X-ref
109 Managing X-ref with External references palette
110 Attaching PDF and images
111 Transmitting X-ref with eTransmit
112 Practice Question

Parametric feature
113 Introduction to parametric drawing
114 Infer constraints and auto constraint
115 Using Geometric constraints
116 Using Dimensional constraints
117 Using parameters manager
118 Practice Question

Dynamic Blocks
119 Understanding dynamic blocks
120 Creating Dynamic block from simple block
121 Making and changing dynamic block properties
122 Adding Point and rotation parameters
123 Making dynamic blocks with constraints
124 Adding multiple constraints to Dynamic Block
125 Using Visibility parameter
126 Using Block Table in Dynamic Block
127 Using Array action in Dynamic Block
128 Practice Question

Layout Printing and Publishing
129 Introduction to paper space or layout
130 Page setup for layout
131 Making and clipping viewports
132 Setting scale of objects in viewports
133 Managing layer visibility in viewports
134 Inserting title block and ruler in layout
135 Plotting from model space with proper scale
136 Plotting a drawing from layout
137 Making and using color plot style table
138 Making and using named plot style table
139 Practice Question

Advance Tools and Commands
140 Understanding Annotative property
141 Making annotative objects
142 Design center tool of AutoCAD
143 Using AutoCAD tool palettes
144 Using Quick select tool
145 Using Express tools
146 Troubleshooting drawing and AutoCAD issues
147 Licensing and A360
148 Practice Question

Final Notes
149 Final notes and additional resources