The Complete Android N Developer Course

The Complete Android N Developer Course
The Complete Android N Developer Course
English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 32 Hours | 4.77 GB

Learn Android App Development with Android 7 Nougat by building real apps including Uber, Whatsapp and Instagram!

The Complete Android N Developer Course has been refined, honed and microscopically polished to deliver even more valuable content, all designed for the latest Android 7.

A huge range of technologies are covered, including open source Parse Server, Firebase, Admob, GDX (game development), Bluetooth and a whole lot more.

This time, using hot-off-the-press Android Nougat (putting unparalleled levels of performance, productivity and security directly into your hands), The Complete Android N Developer Course includes building a WhatsApp clone PLUS three brand spanking new chapters on how to market your apps—and start piling in the cash.

What you’ll get:

  • Firstly, using Java and Android Studio, I’ll teach you how to build real, marketable apps by cloning WhatsApp, Uber and Instagram.
  • You’ll start by downloading Android Studio and building an easy-peasy Currency Converter app.
  • Next up: you’ll build a Favourite Places app and a Brain Training app, before working your way up to WhatsApp, Uber and Instagram clones — using Parse Server.
  • You’ll also get a full guide on submitting your apps to Google Play, plus THREE BRAND NEW WALK-THROUGH chapters explaining exactly how to effectively market your apps—and generate revenue with Google Ads.
  • You’ll learn all the latest Android N features, including App Permissions and Android Pay.
  • And finally, we’ll take a look at Android Wear – the future of wearable computing.
Table of Contents

What Does The Course Cover
1 What does the course cover
2 How To Get All The Free Stuff
3 Frequently Asked Questions
4 Asking Great Questions & Debugging Your Code

Introduction To Android Studio
5 Introduction
6 IMPORTANT Android Studio Versions
7 Installing Android Studio On MacOS
8 Installing Android Studio On Windows
9 Android Studio Overview
10 Opening Sample Projects
11 Opening Sample Projects (Android Studio files)
12 Formatting Text
13 Formatting Text (Android Studio files)
14 Buttons
15 Buttons (Android Studio files)
16 TextFields
17 TextFields (Android Studio files)
18 Displaying Messages
19 Displaying Messages (Android Studio files)
20 Images
21 Images (Android Studio files)
22 Currency Converter
23 Currency Converter (Android Studio files)

Java Deep Dive
24 Introduction
25 Hello World With Java
26 Hello World With Java (Java files)
27 Variables
28 Variables (Java files)
29 Arrays And Maps
30 Arrays And Maps (Java files)
31 If Statements
32 If Statements (Java Files)
33 Higher Or Lower
34 Higher Or Lower (Android Studio files)
35 Loops
36 Loops (Java files)
37 Classes And Objects
38 Classes and Objects (Java files)
39 App Number Shapes
40 App Number Shapes (Java Code and Android Studio files)
41 CCA Java Level 1

Media Images Video and Sound
42 Introduction
43 Layout
44 Layout (Android Studio files)
45 Fading Animations
46 Fading Animations (Android Studio files)
47 Other Animations
48 Other Animations (Android Studio files)
49 Game Connect 3
50 Game Connect 3 (Android Studio files)
51 Video
52 Video (Android Studio files)
53 Controlling Audio
54 Controlling Audio (Android Studio files)
55 Audio Volume Seeking
56 Audio Volume Seeking (Android Studio files)
57 Grid Layouts
58 Grid Layouts (Android Studio files)
59 App Basic Phrases
60 App Basic Phrases (Android Studio files)

Advanced Android Features
61 Introduction
62 List Views
63 List Views (Android Studio files)
64 Times Tables Apps
65 Times Tables App (Android Studio Files)
66 Timers In Android
67 Timers In Android (Android Studio files)
68 App Egg Timer
69 App Egg Timer (Android Studio files)
70 Showing & Hiding UI Elements
71 Showing & Hiding UI Elements (Android Studio files)
72 App Brain Trainer
73 App Brain Trainer (Android Studio files)
74 Try And Catch
75 Try And Catch (Java files)
76 Downloading Web Content
77 Downloading Web Content (Android Studio files)
78 Downloading Images
79 Downloading Images (Android Studio files)
80 Advanced String Manipulation
81 Advanced String Manipulation (Java code)
82 App Guess The Celebrity
83 App Guess The Celebrity (Android Studio files)
84 Processing JSON Data
85 Processing JSON Data (Android Studio files)
86 App Whats The Weather
87 App Whats The Weather (Android Studio files)
88 Section Summary
89 CCA Java Level 2

Maps & Geolocation
90 Introduction
91 Using Maps In Your Apps
92 Using Maps In Your Apps (Android Studio files)
93 Customising Your Maps
94 Customising Your Maps (Android Studio files)
95 Getting The User's Location
96 Getting The User's Location (Android Studio files)
97 Showing The Users Location On A Map
98 Showing The Users Location On A Map (Android Studio files)
99 Getting Information About Locations
100 Getting Information About Locations (Android Studio files)
101 App Hiker's Watch
102 App Hiker's Watch (Android Studio files)
103 Adding A New Activity
104 Adding A New Activity (Android Studio files)
105 App Memorable Places
106 App Memorable Places (Android Studio files)

Permanent Data Storage
107 Introduction
108 Storing Data Permanently
109 Storing Data Permanently (Android Studio files)
110 Customising The Action Bar
111 Customising The Action Bar (Android Studio files)
112 Using Alert Dialogs
113 Using Alert Dialogs (Android Studio files)
114 App Notes
115 App Notes (Android Studio files)
116 SQLite Databases
117 SQLite Databases (Android Studio files)
118 Advanced SQLite
119 Advanced SQLite (Android Studio files)
120 Webviews
121 Webviews (Android Studio files)
122 App News Reader
123 App News Reader (Android Studio files)

Instagram Clone
124 Introduction
125 Setting Up Parse Server On AWS
126 Setting Up Parse On AWS (Android Studio files)
127 Advanced Parse Techniques
128 Advanced Parse Techniques (Android Studio files)
129 Advanced Queries
130 Advanced Queries (Android Studio files)
131 Parse Users
132 Parse Users (Android Studio files)
133 Login & Signup
134 Login & Signup (Android Studio files)
135 Advanced Keyboard Management
136 Advanced Keyboard Management (Android Studio files)
137 Showing The User List
138 Showing The User List (Android Studio files)
139 Importing Photos From The Camera
140 Importing Photos From The Camera (Android Studio files)
141 Viewing Users' Feeds
142 Viewing Users' Feeds (Android Studio files)

Uber Clone
143 Introduction
144 Introducing Uber
145 Introducing Uber (Android Studio files)
146 Uber Login Page
147 Uber Login Page (Android Studio files)
148 The Rider Activity
149 The Rider Activity (Android Studio files)
150 The Driver Activities
151 The Driver Activities (Android Studio files)
152 Showing The Driver's Location To The Rider
153 Showing The Driver's Location To The Rider (Android Studio files)

Flappy Bird Clone
154 Introduction
155 Introducing GDX
156 Introducing GDX (Android Studio files)
157 Working With Sprites
158 Working With Sprites (Android Studio files)
159 Interacting With Sprites
160 Interacting With Sprites (Android Studio files)
161 Bringing In The Pipes
162 Bringing In The Pipes (Android Studio files)
163 Collision Detection
164 Collision Detection (Android Studio files)
165 Scoring
166 Scoring (Android Studio files)
167 Game Over Screen
168 Game Over Screen (Android Studio files)

The Extras
169 Introduction
170 Working With Bluetooth
171 Working With Bluetooth (Android Studio files)
172 Using Version Control
173 Using Version Control (Android Studio files)
174 Setting Up Firebase
175 Setting Up Firebase (Android Studio Files)
176 Including Ads With Admob
177 Including Ads With Admob (Android Studio files)
178 Local Notifications
179 Local Notifications (Android Studio files)
180 Multi Screen Mode
181 Multi Screen Mode (Android Studio Files)

Android Wear Mini-Course
182 Introduction
183 Hello World With Android Wear
184 Hello World With Android Wear (Android Studio files)
185 Adapting Apps For Different Watch Faces
186 Adapting Apps For Different Watch Faces (Android Studio files)
187 App People Counter
188 App People Counter (Android Studio files)
189 Working With Cards
190 Working With Cards (Android Studio files)
191 Working With Lists
192 Working With Lists (Android Studio files)
193 Voice Input
194 Voice Input (Android Studio files)
195 Communicating With The Users Phone
196 Communicating With The Users Phone (Android Studio files)
197 Notifications
198 Notifications (Android Studio files)
199 Custom Watch Faces
200 Custom Watch Faces (Android Studio files)

Submitting Your App To Google Play
201 Introduction
202 How To Submit Your App To Google Play

Setting Up A Marketing Website
203 Introduction
204 Setting Up Wordpress
205 Customising Your Site

Twitter Clone
206 Introduction
207 Signup Login
208 Signup Login (Android Studio files)
209 Following & Unfollowing Users
210 Following & Unfollowing Users (Android Studio files)
211 Sending Tweets
212 Sending Tweets (Android Studio files)
213 View Your Twitter Feed
214 View Your Twitter Feed (Android Studio files)

WhatsApp Clone
215 Introduction
216 Login & Signup
217 Login & Signup (Android Studio files)
218 The User List
219 The User List (Android Studio files)
220 The Chat Activity
221 Sending Images (Android Studio files)

Where do you go from here
222 Where do you go from here
223 Where do you go from here

Pre-Introduction - App Marketing For Your App!
224 Before We Start
225 Table Of Contents Easily Locate What You Are Looking For Here

Introduction To Your Success!
226 Important Notice
227 What Does This Course Cover & What You Can Expect
228 My Advice On Achieving Success

Let's Get The Show On The Road!
229 Making The App
230 App Marketing 101 Right Timing And Momentum
231 Set A Goal For Your App
232 Should You Place Your App On Itunes Or Android Or Both First
233 Tell A Good Story And Is Your App Noteworthy
234 Why AB Split Testing Is Important Plus My Favorite Free Tool

Expert App Store Optimization (ASO) Search Engine Strategies
235 App Store Search Engine (ASO)160Key Strategies
236 Expert App Store Title Strategies
237 Expert App Description Strategies
238 Want To Avoid Doing This For Both Apple And Android App Descriptions
239 App Keywords Strategies Including My Favorite Keyword Finders
240 App Icon Strategies
241 Expert App Screenshot Strategies With Favorite Screenshot Tool
242 App Category Strategies
243 App Reviews - Learn Where To Get Positive Reviews With Ease Part 1
244 App Ratings - Learn Where To Get 5 Star Ratings With Ease Part 2
245 Expert App Localization Strategies
246 Expert App Pricing Strategies

Top Expert Marketing Strategies For Your App Part 1
247 Old Fashioned Expert App Marketing Strategies That Still Work
248 Increase Social App Engagement Expert Strategies
249 More Ways On How To Increase Your Social Engagement For Your App
250 Paying For Advertising Strategies
251 Free Press And Free Publicity For Your App Strategies
252 This One Personal Trade Secret Generates 100 Downloads A Day!
253 Website Creation And Promoting It Successfully!
254 Social Sharing From Inside Your Own App
255 Expert Strategies On Cross Promoting With Others
256 Always Do This With All Your Permissions
257 Expert Banner Advertising Tips
258 Promote Your App In Google Search Results
259 Promote Your App Within Other Apps on the Google Display Network
260 Promote Using Facebook Mobile App Ads
261 Sway Your Users Back To Your App Using FB Mobile App Engagement Ads
262 Advertise On This Network & Reach Over 124 Billion Potential Users
263 What Are App Extensions & How To Add Them To My App On Bing
264 Growing Your Email List160Strategy
265 Youtube Channel Creation Expert Strategy
266 Expert Press Release And Perfect Timing Strategy
267 Should You Go Freemium Or Premium
268 Expert Podcast Search Strategy
269 Expert Forum Posting Strategies
270 Google Organic Search On Your App Store URL Expert Strategy
271 Ways To Getting Free Press Coverage Strategy
272 Bonus Lecture