Complete Android course for 2019

Complete Android course for 2019
Complete Android course for 2019
English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 43.5 Hours | 23.4 GB

Create any android app that you want and land your first job as a professional android developer

This course starts with the baby steps like installing android studio and will go up to the point that the student can apply for job offers and of course win them all.

You will create 5 professional applications during the course which you can present in your portfolio.

I have covered both Java and kotlin and you don’t need to have any prior experience in programming to take this course.

I have covered everything you need in order to become a professional android developer and apply for jobs with a variety of skills and also create your own application, whether that is an online shop, restaurant management, a new version of uber or a social media.

I have covered writing both front end and back end for android applications. something that you won’t see in most courses.

I have covered things like github, firebase, clean architecture, working with different sensors and hardware, publishing process and a lot more. you can see the importance of every session in different skills that a job offer requires.

What you’ll learn

  • Complete android development
  • Java language
  • Kotlin
  • Php language for writing a backend
  • google firebase
  • git
  • publishing process
  • working with hardware and sensors
  • Professional testing
  • Working with external libraries like Retrofit and OAuth
  • MVVM Architecture
  • a ton more
Table of Contents

Introduction and setup
1 Course Contents
2 Set up your environment

Build your first application
3 Build your first application part 1
4 Build your first application part 2
5 Challenge – create a registration form

Java Core
6 Java Variables and Arithmetic operators
7 Static Keyword – Inner Classes – Interfaces – Abstract classes
8 Concurrency in java – Exceptions
9 Challenge
10 Challenge continued
11 Relational and logical operators – Conditional statements
12 Loops and challenge
13 Challenge solution
14 Java Arrays
15 Object Oriented Programming – part 1
16 Object Oriented Programming – part 2
17 Object Oriented Programming – Challenge
18 Collections in Java

User interface
19 User Interface basics
20 User Interface basics continued
21 Constraint layout – Relative layout – Linear layout – onClickListeners
22 List View and Spinner and their adapters and onItemClickListeners
23 Different XML files
24 Look different in different configurations – Manifest
25 Challenge and Solution
26 Challenge solution continued

First Sample Application
27 App’s first page and intents
28 Logs – List View – Gradle – Recycler View – Recycler View Adapter
29 Recycler View Adapter Continued
30 Recycler View Continued – Card View – Create Utility Class
31 Show all books – Intents and Multiple Activities – Show Book Details
32 Fix Book layout – Add Books to different categories – Alert Dialogs
33 improve the app – add all categories – enable up button
34 redesign app logic – add about dialog – web view
35 delete books by long pressing on a card view – animations

Testing and environment
36 Android Studio Environment and shortcuts
37 Debugging – logs – exceptions – run the app on a real device

Activities and Fragments
38 Activities Concept and Declaration- Activity Life cycle
39 Challenge – Create a gym app – part 2
40 Challenge – Create a gym app – part 3
41 Challenge – Create a gym app – part 4
42 Navigate between activities and Pass data
43 Intetnt actions and types and flags – handling intent results
44 Calendar – Challenge
45 SaveInstanceState – Android Support Library – AndroidX
46 Fragments
47 Pass data with call backs – create a customized dialog
48 Image Slider App
49 Challenge – Create a gym app – part 1

Background tasks
50 Threads and Async Task
51 Started Services
52 Bound Services
53 Job Scheduler
54 Work Manager

Networking in android
55 Create a news feed reader with Xml Pull Parser
56 Create a news feed reader with Xml Pull Parser part 2
57 JSON concept and Parsing with Gson
58 Volley
59 Networking with Retrofit

Second Sample Application – Create an online grocery
60 Creating the navigation drawer
61 Debug cart activity and add second cart fragment
62 Create third cart fragment and payment
63 Add Popularity Points – Close keyboard at proper times – make navigation drawer
64 Track user behavior and make suggestions personalized
65 Final debugging and improvement
66 Bottom navigation view – shared preferences
67 Initialize shared preferences and recycler view adapter
68 Create grocery item activity layout
69 Show items in grocery item activity – add review
70 Handle rating – add items to cart
71 Finish search activity
72 Handle rating – Debug search activity and show items by category
73 Create cart activity

74 Basic SQL commands
75 Take a photo using device’s camera and basic permissions
76 Handle permissions correctly
77 Room Database
78 Add call backs and migrations to room database – live data
79 Composition – Abstraction – Many to many relationship in Room database
80 Room Database challenge – part 1
81 Room Database challenge – part 2
82 More Basic SQL commands
83 SQL commands challenge
84 SQL Open Helper Class
85 Implement SQLite database in android
86 More on SQLite database and cursors
87 SQLite database challenge – part 1
88 SQLite database challenge – part 2
89 SQLite database challenge – part 3

Content providers
90 Content Providers concept – Get data from Calendar Content Provider
91 Share your application’s database with other applications using content pr
92 Insert, Update and Delete methods in AppProvider class
93 Create a custom permission and access your database from inside another ap
94 Implicit Broadcast receivers and intent filters
95 Explicit Broadcast receivers – security issues in working with broadcast r
96 Insert, Update and Delete events using calendar content provider
97 Challenge – Using Contacts Content Provider to get contatcts
98 Search, Delete and Update Contacts using Contacts Content Provider
99 Insert a contact using Contact Content Provider
100 Create Database and Recycler View Adapter before creating Content Provider
101 Create Content Provider Contract – Start Creating Content Provider – Uri Matcher
102 Retrieve data from database using Content Provider
103 Insert, Update, Delete and getType methods for content provider

Third sample application
104 Create database helper class
105 Bar Chart for Spending
106 Customize the bar chart – Add shopping activity
107 Pick item dialog
108 Finish add shopping activity – add investment activity
109 Add Investment WorkManager
110 Finish creating add Investment activity
111 Show investments in Investments Activity
112 Transfer Activity
113 Debug Transfer Activity – Add Loan Activity
114 Show loans in loan activity
115 Register Activity
116 LoanActivity continued – Search Activity
117 Line Chart and Pie Chart in stats activity
118 Final touches and Tips for production release
119 Register Activity continued
120 Testing Register activity – create website activity – start Login activity
121 Login activity
122 Main activity Layout
123 Toolbar – Add Transaction Dialog
124 Get Transactions from database – Transactions Adapter
125 Cubic Linear Chart

126 Create Notification Channel – Issue a simple Notification – content intent
127 Make actions for notifications – cancel a notification – progress notificat
128 Large text, Big picture and inbox styles for notifications
129 Media and Messaging styles for notifications
130 Group notifications – Group notifications channels – get notification and n
131 Set a custom view for notification