Command Line Fundamentals

Command Line Fundamentals
Command Line Fundamentals
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Learn to work with common developer tools, operating systems, and other helpful technical utilities

The most basic interface to a computer – the command line – remains the most flexible and powerful way of performing and automating various day to day tasks and processing data. Command Line Fundamentals will teach all about how command lines work. You’ll begin by exploring the basics and then focus on the most common tooling – namely the bash shell (which is standard on all Linux and iOS systems). Then, you’ll explore the traditional UNIX command line programs as implemented by the GNU project. Next, you’ll learn how to use redirection and pipelines to assemble these programs to solve complex problems. You’ll also complete the course by exploring the basics of shell scripting that let you automate tasks.

What You Will Learn

  • Use the bash shell to run commands
  • Implement basic UNIX utilities such as cat, tr, sort, and uniq
  • Use shell wildcards to manage a group of files
  • Apply most useful keyboard shortcuts in the shell
  • Use redirection and pipes to process data
  • Write both basic and advanced shell scripts to automate tasks
Table of Contents

01 Course Overview
02 Installation and Setup
03 Lesson Overview
04 Command Line – History, Shells, and Terminology
05 Exploring the Filesystem (FS) Part 1
06 Exploring Filesystem Part 2
07 Manipulating a Filesystem
08 Shell History, Editing, and Auto-completion
09 Shell Wildcards and Globbing
10 Lesson Summary
11 Lesson Overview
12 Redirection
13 Pipes
14 Text-Processing Commands
15 Filtering Commands Part 1
16 Filtering Commands Part 2
17 Transformation Commands
18 Working with Transformation Commands
19 Lesson Summary
20 Lesson Overview
21 Command Lists
22 Job Control
23 Regular Expressions Part 1
24 Regular Expressions Part 2
25 Shell Expansion
26 Arithmetic, Brace and Recursive Expansion
27 Command and Process Substitution
28 Using Shell Expansions
29 Lesson Summary
30 Lesson Overview
31 Conditionals and Loops
32 Conditionals and Loops Part 1
33 Case Statement
34 Loops
35 Shell Functions Part 1
36 Shell Functions Part 2
37 Shell Line Input
38 Internal Field Separator
39 Shell Scripts
40 Practical Case Study 1 – Chess Game Extractor Part 1
41 Practical Case Study 1 – Chess Game Extractor Part 2
42 Adding Features
43 Tips and Tricks Part 1
44 Tips and Tricks Part 2
45 Practical Case Study 2 – NYC Yellow Taxi Trip Analysis
46 Lesson Summary