Code Clinic: Java

Code Clinic: Java
Code Clinic: Java
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Practice coding with Java. Code Clinic is a series of courses that solve the same problems using different programming languages. It gives developers a chance to experiment with new platforms and compare their strengths. Here, Carlos Rivas takes you through six different challenges and provides an overview of his solutions in Java. Challenges cover topics such as statistical analysis, geolocation, facial recognition, and accessing peripheral devices. Each lesson provides practical skills, valuable design patterns, and code snippets you can use in your own projects.

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Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 What you should know
3 Using the exercise files
4 Getting the most from Code Clinic

Problem 1 – Pond Oreille
5 Intro – The weather at Pond Oreille
6 Solution Overview
7 Loading data
8 Parse the data
9 Perform calculations
10 Putting it all together

Problem 2 – Where Am I
11 Intro – Where am I
12 Solution overview
13 Calling the API
14 Parsing the location data

Problem 3 – Eight Queens
15 Intro – Eight queens
16 Solution overview
17 Scanning for solution
18 Chess board validation
19 Print the solutions

Problem 4 – Accessing Peripherals
20 Intro – Accessing peripherals
21 Fugue library
22 Solution overview
23 Implement the music player

Problem 5 – Facial Recognition
24 Intro – Facial recognition
25 The OpenIMAJ library
26 Solution overview
27 Implement facial detection
28 Perform facial detection

Problem 6 – Real-Time Information Dashboard
29 Intro – Real-time information dashboard
30 Required tools
31 Solution overview
32 Import the CSV
33 Calculate the seconds passed
34 Generate JSON output
35 Send data to the dashboard