Cloud Native Development Patterns and Best Practices

Cloud Native Development Patterns and Best Practices
Cloud Native Development Patterns and Best Practices by John Gilbert
English | 2018 | ISBN: 1788473927 | 316 Pages | True PDF, EPUB | 12 MB

Cloud Native Development Patterns and Best Practices: Practical architectural patterns for building modern, distributed cloud-native systems
Learn to apply cloud-native patterns and practices to deliver responsive, resilient, elastic, and message-driven systems with confidence
Build systems that leverage the benefits of the cloud and applications faster than ever before with cloud-native development. This book focuses on architectural patterns for building highly scalable cloud-native systems. You will learn how the combination of cloud, reactive principles, devops, and automation enable teams to continuously deliver innovation with confidence.
Begin by learning the core concepts that make these systems unique. You will explore foundational patterns that turn your database inside out to achieve massive scalability with cloud-native databases. You will also learn how to continuously deliver production code with confidence by shifting deployment and testing all the way to the left and implementing continuous observability in production. There’s more—you will also learn how to strangle your monolith and design an evolving cloud-native system.
By the end of the book, you will have the ability to create modern cloud-native systems.
What You Will Learn

  • Enable massive scaling by turning your database inside out
  • Unleash flexibility via event streaming
  • Leverage polyglot persistence and cloud-native databases
  • Embrace modern continuous delivery and testing techniques
  • Minimize risk by evolving your monoliths to cloud-native
  • Apply cloud-native patterns and solve major architectural problems in cloud environment