Cloud-Native Continous Integration and Delivery

Cloud-Native Continous Integration and Delivery
Cloud-Native Continous Integration and Delivery
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Reduce risks and deliver value using short iterations to create cloud applications

When several developers work on the same code and do not merge their changes, the end result is a sure disaster. Cloud-native software development is a powerful tool to avoid this occurrence. However, cloud-native software development requires new ways of building and delivering applications. Specifically, operating in a continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) environment is essential. This course teaches you the skills you need to create a CI and CD environment for your applications, and deploy them using tools such as Kubernetes and Docker. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to design professional and enterprise-ready CI/CD pipelines.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn the basics of DevOps patterns for cloud-native architectures
  • Learn the cloud-native way of designing CI/CD systems
  • Create multi-stage builds and tests for Docker
  • Apply the best practices for Docker container images
  • Build and test applications on the cloud
  • Learn how to continuously deliver to the Docker registry
  • Learn how to continuously deploy to Kubernetes
  • Configure and deploy software to Kubernetes using Helm
Table of Contents

Cloud-Native CI CD Concepts
1 Course Overview
2 Lesson Overview
3 Introduction to Cloud-Native CI CD Concepts
4 DevOps Culture
5 Cloud-Native Architecture
6 DevOps Patterns for Cloud-Native Architecture
7 Choosing the best CI CD tools
8 Summary

Cloud-Native Continuous Integration
9 Lesson Overview
10 Cloud-Native Continuous Integration
11 Container Technology
12 Testing Cloud-Native Applications (Part 1)
13 Testing Cloud-Native Applications (Part 2)
14 Building Cloud-Native Applications
15 Summary

Cloud-Native Continuous Delivery and Deployment
16 Lesson Overview
17 Introduction to Cloud-Native Continuous Delivery and Deployment
18 Continuous Delivery of Containers (Part 1)
19 Continuous Delivery of Containers (Part 2)
20 Continuous Delivery of Containers (Part 3)
21 Checklist for Cloud-Native CD Design
22 Summary