Cloud Architecture: Advanced Concepts

Cloud Architecture: Advanced Concepts
Cloud Architecture: Advanced Concepts
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State-of-the-art technology is changing the way we design for the cloud. New architectural patterns and concepts are emerging as a result of breakthroughs such as microservices, containers, and serverless computing. Want to know how these advanced and emerging concepts may affect your cloud architecture? This platform and cloud-neutral course provides a broad overview for IT professionals who want to understand the impact of new technologies on their business. Learn how independently deployable, modular services—microservices—affect the structure of cloud-based architectures; how serverless and composite architectures free up engineers to focus on features, not infrastructure; and how new high-performance solutions allow you to “lease” computing storage and power. Instructor David Linthicum also discusses DevOps integration and advanced architecture strategies, such as isolating change and volatility in a single domain.

Note: This course was revised for 2019.

Topics include:

  • Microservices and containers
  • Complex, disturbed, serverless, and composite architectures
  • DevOps integration
  • High-performance solutions
Table of Contents

1 Advanced cloud architecture concepts
2 What you should know
3 Microservices
4 Complex, disturbed, and serverless
5 DevOps
6 Purpose built vs. general use
7 Microservices 101
8 Use cases
9 Microservices examples
10 Complex architectures
11 Distributed architectures
12 Serverless architectures
13 Composite architectures
14 The role of architecture with DevOps
15 The process
16 The tools
17 DevOps example
18 High-performance computing
19 High-performance data transfer
20 Coupling vs. cohesion
21 Placing things that change into a domain
22 Next steps