Cloud Analytics with Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Analytics with Google Cloud Platform
Cloud Analytics with Google Cloud Platform by Sanket Thodge
English | 2018 | ISBN: 1788839686 | 282 Pages | EPUB | 10 MB

Analytics on the Cloud: An end-to-end guide to process and analyze big data using Google Cloud Platform
Combine the power of analytics and cloud computing for faster and efficient insights
With the ongoing data explosion, more and more organizations all over the world are slowly migrating their infrastructure to the cloud. These cloud platforms also provide their distinct analytics services to help you get faster insights from your data.
This book will give you an introduction to the concept of analytics on the cloud, and the different cloud services popularly used for processing and analyzing data. If you’re planning to adopt the cloud analytics model for your business, this book will help you understand the design and business considerations to be kept in mind, and choose the best tools and alternatives for analytics, based on your requirements. The chapters in this book will take you through the 70+ services available in Google Cloud Platform and their implementation for practical purposes. From ingestion to processing your data, this book contains best practices on building an end-to-end analytics pipeline on the cloud by leveraging popular concepts such as machine learning and deep learning.
By the end of this book, you will have a better understanding of cloud analytics as a concept as well as a practical know-how of its implementation
What You Will Learn

  • Explore the basics of cloud analytics and the major cloud solutions
  • Learn how organizations are using cloud analytics to improve the ROI
  • Explore the design considerations while adopting cloud services
  • Work with the ingestion and storage tools of GCP such as Cloud Pub/Sub
  • Process your data with tools such as Cloud Dataproc, BigQuery, etc
  • Over 70 GCP tools to build an analytics engine for cloud analytics
  • Implement machine learning and other AI techniques on GCP