ChatGPT – The Complete Guide to ChatGPT & OpenAI APIs

ChatGPT – The Complete Guide to ChatGPT & OpenAI APIs

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10x your productivity by using ChatGPT & OpenAI APIs efficiently. Learn Midjourney, prompt engineering, AutoGPT & more!

Unlock the power of AI and gain a huge productivity boost with our comprehensive online video course!

Are you ready to harness the incredible potential of ChatGPT? Look no further! Our course, “ChatGPT – The Complete Guide to ChatGPT & OpenAI APIs” is your all-in-one solution to mastering this revolutionary technology.

Through this immersive, hands-on course, you’ll discover:

All The Fundamentals: Dive into the world of ChatGPT, GPT models, and Large Language Models (LLMs). Learn the science and mechanics that drive these advanced AI systems.

Essential Skills: Master the ChatGPT interface, its key features, and how to craft both basic and complex prompts. Empower yourself with the tools needed to excel in the AI-driven landscape.

Prompt Engineering Mastery: Optimize your AI experience by learning basic and advanced prompt engineering techniques. Write efficient prompts that get you the precise results you’re looking for.

Midjourney Introduction: Learn how to generate beautiful images with help of AI!

Real-World Applications: Explore the diverse use-cases for ChatGPT, from speeding up day-to-day tasks to conducting research, creating content (including blog posts, tweets, and more), writing and enhancing code. And much, much more!

App Creation Magic: Discover how ChatGPT can revolutionize your app and program development, even without programming knowledge. Unleash the power of AI to create innovative and powerful solutions.

Become a 10x Developer: Already got programming experience? Great! Learn how ChatGPT can help you speed up your day-to-day work. Use ChatGPT for development, debugging, refactoring and much more!

Insider Tips & Tricks: Gain access to our treasure trove of tips and tricks for working with ChatGPT. Maximize your efficiency and productivity with these expert insights.

Hands-on Examples & Exercises: Apply & practice what you learned by diving into real examples. Build websites, games, web APIs, blog posts & much more!

Prompt Templates: Use & fine-tune many included pre-built prompt templates to save valuable time and boost your productivity immediately!

OpenAI API Mastery: Learn how to work with OpenAI’s APIs and leverage them to build your own AI-powered applications. Unleash the full potential of AI in your projects.

AutoGPT Automation: Master the use of tools like AutoGPT to build automated AI processes and workflows. Streamline your work and let AI do the heavy lifting.

By enrolling in this course, you’re taking the first step towards a future powered by AI. No matter your background or experience level, our course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become an AI pioneer! Enrol now, unlock your potential & transform your career today!

This course covers it all: ChatGPT-powered copywriting, blog post & article generation, email / email draft generation, text summaries via ChatGPT, translations, tone adjustments, social media post generation, code generation, code debugging, refactoring & much, much more!

What you’ll learn

  • Master ChatGPT essentials & understand core ChatGPT concepts
  • Engineer perfect prompts to boost efficiency and impact
  • Learn key ChatGPT tricks & tips to 10x your productivity
  • Generate content & code with ease
  • Turbocharge daily tasks
  • Innovate with AI by integrating OpenAI’s APIs into custom code
  • Use Midjourney to generate stunning images with help of AI
  • Automate AI workflows with AutoGPT & LangChain
Table of Contents

1 Welcome To This Course
2 What Is ChatGPT Why Should You Care
3 ChatGPT vs ChatGPT Plus
4 ChatGPT vs Bard vs Bing Chat
5 About The Course
6 Course Slides Discord Community

Understanding ChatGPT A Look Behind The Scenes
7 Module Introduction
8 ChatGPT GPT Models Large Language Models LLMs
9 LLMs Neural Networks
10 The ChatGPT Training Data Understanding Tokens
11 Its All About Word Prediction
12 Model Finetuning Moderation
13 ChatGPT Limitations
14 Limited Context Token Limits

ChatGPT Basics
15 Module Introduction
16 A Tour Through The ChatGPT Interface
17 GPT Model Versions ChatGPT Plus
18 Writing Prompts The Basics
19 Editing Prompts Regenerating Responses
20 Beware of Hallucinations
21 Continuing Output Generation
22 ChatGPT Plugins

Prompt Engineering
23 Module Introduction
24 Prompt Engineering What Why
25 The Core Elements Of A Good Prompt
26 Its a Chat Use it
27 Which Context Should You Add
28 Time To Practice Your Tasks
29 Time To Practice Solution 13
30 Time To Practice Solution 23
31 Time To Practice Solution 33
32 Zero One FewShot Prompting
33 Using Output Templates
34 Providing Cues Hints To ChatGPT
35 Separating Instructions From Content
36 AskBeforeAnswer Prompting
37 Perspective Prompting
38 Time to Practice II Your Tasks
39 Time To Practice II Solution 13
40 Time To Practice II Solution 23
41 Time To Practice II Solution 33
42 Contextual Prompting
43 Emotional Prompting
44 Laddering Prompting
45 Using ChatGPT For Prompting
46 Find Out Which Information Is Missing
47 Selfevaluative Prompting
48 ChatGPTpowered Problem Splitting
49 Reversing Roles
50 More Prompts Finding Prompt Inspirations
51 Super Prompts Like CAN DAN
52 Module Summary

Using ChatGPT For Utility Tasks
53 Module Introduction
54 Researching Information with ChatGPT
55 Summarizing Text Information
56 Translations Tone Adjustments
57 Using ChatGPT for Proofreading
58 Writing Utility Scripts with ChatGPT

Using ChatGPT For Content Creation
59 Module Introduction
60 How Amazing Articles Can be Generated with ChatGPT
61 Creating Articles StepByStep
62 Using a Single Prompt to Create Articles
63 Finding Creative Titles Summarizing Text in Seconds
64 Brainstorming Content Articles Blog Posts Deep Dives More
65 Writing Professional YouTube Video Scripts with ChatGPT
66 What is Copywriting
67 Using ChatGPT as Copywriter
68 Boosting Your Social Media Accounts with ChatGPT
69 Preparing Interviews
70 Revolutionizing JobRelated Writing
71 Writing Outstanding CVs Cover Letters for Your Next Application
72 Creating Job Offers Contracts
73 Letting ChatGPT Find the Right Words in Emails
74 Creating Sample Data with ChatGPT eg JSON CSV

Midjourney An Introduction
75 Module Introduction
76 Using Midjourney in Discord
77 Creating our First Images
78 Understanding Variations Upscaling Regenerations
79 Exploring the Settings
80 Your Prompts Images are Public
81 Getting Inspired by Community Prompts
82 Deleting Images From Midjourney
83 Uploading Describing Images
84 Blending Images
85 How To Continue

Handson ChatGPT Midjourney for Content Creation
86 Module Introduction
87 Generating A List Of Keywords with AskBeforeAnswering
88 Creating an Outline Emotional Prompting Laddering Technique
89 Creating the Post with AskBeforeAnswering
90 Identifying Improvement Potential with ChatGPT
91 Generating Images with Help of ChatGPT
92 Generating a Thumbnail with Midjourney
93 SEO with ChatGPT
94 Adding Links to the Article
95 Formatting as Markdown Facing ChatGPT Limitations Problems
96 Generating a YouTube Script
97 Creating a Newsletter Email
98 Generating a Tweet Module Summary

Using ChatGPT For Programming Development
99 Module Introduction
100 Using ChatGPT With Without Programming Experience
101 Using ChatGPT For Building Entire Applications
102 Using Generated Code Letting ChatGPT Help You
103 Iterative Development Test Improve
104 ChatGPT for Coding Limitations
105 Time to Practice Your Task
106 Time to Practice Solution An Example For Iterative Development
107 ChatGPT With Coding Experience Prefer Building Blocks
108 Example Creating a Building Block with ChatGPT
109 Its Still An Iterative Process
110 Dont Use ChatGPT For Everything
111 ChatGPT vs GitHub Copilot
112 Reminder Use the Laddering Technique
113 Merging Code with ChatGPT
114 continue with Code Formatting
115 Avoiding Unnecessary Explanations in ChatGPT Output
116 Debugging with ChatGPT
117 Letting ChatGPT Explain Code
118 Generating Code Improvement Ideas with ChatGPT
119 Refactoring with ChatGPT
120 Generating Dummy Data with ChatGPT
121 Module Summary

Handson ChatGPT for NonDeveloper Developers
122 Module Introduction
123 NonDevelopers The Task Target Application Monster Slayer Game
124 Building a Game Initial Prompt Base Game Code
125 Game Enhancement Bugfixing
126 Adding Difficulty Levels
127 Adding a Highscore
128 Iterative Development Improving The Game
129 Using the Ask Before Answer Technique
130 Developers The Task Target Application
131 Creating a Basic REST API Skeleton
132 Adding App Logic
133 Testing the REST API
134 Added Validation
135 Adding Authentication
136 Protecting Routes Against Unauthenticated Access
137 Improving Error Handling Identifying More Improvement Opportunities

Prompts Examples Templates Cheat Sheet
138 Prompt Templates Examples

Using GPT APIs
139 Module Introduction
140 Comparing ChatGPT The OpenAI APIs
141 GPT 35 vs GPT 4 Choosing the Right API Model
142 Understanding Tokens API Pricing
143 Prerequisites to Use the API
144 Understanding the Difference between Completion Chat Completion Endpoints
145 Creating our First Python App Using the API
146 Understanding the API Request
147 Adding Parameters
148 Understanding the API Response Object
149 Why Roles Matter Understanding System User Assistant
150 Recreating a Simple ChatGPT Clone with Python the API
151 Creating a Text Summarization Tool
152 Processing Text From Files Create New Files with API Generated Content

AutoGPT LangChain Building Automated AI Tools
153 Module Introduction
154 What is AutoGPT
155 AutoGPT Overview Prerequisites
156 Installing AutoGPT
157 Configuring AutoGPT
158 Running AutoGPT
159 Using AutoGPT For AI Automation
160 AutoGPT Summary
161 What is LangChain
162 Installing LangChain
163 LangChain First Steps
164 Creating a First AI Tool with LangChain
165 Using LangChain Agents For Automation
166 Module Summary

Roundup Next Steps
167 Course Roundup
168 Bonus Lecture