[2021] Career Hacking: Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing +More

[2021] Career Hacking: Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing +More

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Eazl’s worldwide BESTSELLING career course! Used at University of San Francisco & taught by a former Bay Area recruiter.

Welcome to the world’s BESTSELLING career management course from Eazl and former Bay Area recruiter, Davis Jones! This course is tested by the market and has been reviewed 5k+ times. This course is now part of the curriculum at University of San Francisco, EDHEC Business School, Golden Gate University, Sonoma State University, Saint Mary’s College of California, and Santa Rosa Junior College.

Career Hacking™ Version 6.6.1 Fresh as of November 2020 | Always being updated! We make sure you have the latest important information when it comes to career planning and resume writing.

Speed up your job search: learn how to write a resume/CV that opens doors, how to write a mass-customizable cover letter, how to develop your personal brand, how to interview confidently, how to build a valuable professional network, and more!

A great job is the key to living a happy life. The problem is, you know how competitive the job market is but you weren’t taught how to job hunt in school.

The good news is, by simply mastering these leading-edge job hunting and professional presentation skills, you can get yourself into the running for positions that were previously out of your reach. Plus, you can present yourself articulately, with confidence, and with purpose. Identify the right opportunities so you don’t waste your valuable time and get hired for more money than you previously thought possible.

And it can all happen within the space of a few weeks. Thousands of job seekers all over the world have already benefited–and you can too.

One of our students landed a new job that increased his salary by $20,000 a year–and he did so in just 21 days–by applying the skills he learned in this course.

Imagine a job hunt where:

Your resume captures the attention of recruiters immediately and helps you soar past other candidates for highly desired positions

Your LinkedIn profile shows instantly that you’re an outstanding candidate and garners you more positive attention and more interviews

Your interview skills increase dramatically, allowing you to connect better with potential employers and set yourself apart from the competition

Your professional network expands exponentially, opening yourself up to new relationships and opportunities for career advancement

Your potential for lifetime career earnings skyrocket as you move more effortlessly through your chosen professional path

It will only take you two or three evenings tops to unlock the secrets of resume writing, LinkedIn profiles, interviewing like a superstar, and much, much more!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to use innovative career hacking techniques from the founder of the Career Hacking™ discipline
  • Present yourself powerfully on LinkedIn® and discover other online personal networking techniques
  • Prepare a keyword-rich, targeted resume that gets outstanding results in your job search
  • Interview competently and persuasively in your job search while still being yourself
  • Create career opportunities during your job search using traditional and non-traditional methods
  • Build relevant professional and personal networks as a foundation for future advancement
  • Set the stage for a rewarding career filled with personal success and contentment
  • Make a career change by framing your past experiences for future roles

+ Table of Contents

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the New Job Hunting Landscape
1 How People Earn $20,000 Yr. More and Save Time with Job Search Preparation
2 Welcome to Career Hacking™ 2020 Technology has Changed the Job Search
3 Access All Career Hacking™ Templates, Guides, and Special Resources

Resumes in a World of AI and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs)
4 The Two Ways that Resumes Can Determine Your Future
5 Hack The Big Six Skills™ and Reverse Engineering Techniques
6 You are an Iceberg Framing and Transferable Skills
7 Optimizing Your Resume in the Age of Algorithms [ARP Guide in Resources]
8 Using Eazl’s Power Language Tool to Design Content [Power Language Tool Here]
9 Integrating Brands, Details, and Quantities [Guide to Industrial Titles Here]
10 Using the Eazl Schematic for Writing a Powerful Executive Summary
11 [Optional] Don’t Get Bogged Down with These Resume Myths
12 [Optional] A Few Tips to Bulletproof Your Resume

You’re About to Get Upgraded! Let’s Write You a Career Changing Resume
13 The Story Behind Your New $1,500 Resume
14 Get Your Guide, Pick Your Template and Access 50+ Professionally-written Resumes
15 Super Fast Choosing Your Template and Adding Your Contact Information
16 You’re a Resume Guru! Let’s Reverse Engineer to Build Your Big Six Skills™
17 Moving Along! How to Format Your Job Titles, Dates, and Organizations
18 A Quick One How to Show a Promotion or Role Change within an Organization
19 Another Quick One How to Add Experience from a Long Time Ago Into Your Resume
20 Resume Rockstar Let’s Create Descriptions for the Organizations on Your Resume
21 Looking Great! Let’s Write an Overview of What You Did in Each Role
22 You’re on a Rocketship! Let’s Write Powerful Bullet Points for Your Recent Roles
23 Onward! Education & Professional Development (like Online Course Certificates)
24 Nice Work! Let’s Use Your Side Projects and Volunteer Positions (if Applicable)
25 Picking Up Speed! How to Format Languages, Skills, and Awards
26 How’d You Get So Good Let’s Write You a Powerful & Effective Executive Summary
27 So Close! Let’s Proofread and Add Hyperlinks, Buzzwords, and Matching Language
28 You’re Amazing! Let’s Create a Short Link and Export (Google Docs Only)
29 [Special Case] How to Organize Your Resume when You Have No Previous Experience
30 From the Vlog Links Programmers Should Build Into Their Resumes

The Building Blocks of Your Professional Brand and LinkedIn® ProfIle
31 Welcome to the Front Lines of AI’s Disruption of Recruiting [Guide in Resources]
32 How to Connect Your Big Six Skills™ with Your LinkedIn Profile Using Images
33 Access Helpful Resources for Building Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn®
34 SideBySide Using Visual Assets to Position Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn®
35 SideBySide How to Align Your Professional Brand & Your Target Job Descriptions
36 SideBySide How to Give Your Professional Brand a Unique, Personal Edge
37 Using Your Profile Photo to Lower Friction with Recruiters
38 How to Take Your Own Professional Photo [Makeup Guide for Business Photos Here]
39 Intelligent Design for LinkedIn Profile Headlines
40 How to Write Powerful LinkedIn Summaries [Guide to LinkedIn Summaries Here]

Let’s Build a Standout LinkedIn® Profile Optimized for Both People and Software
41 Helpful Resources Eazl’s Guide to Building an Awesome LinkedIn® Profile + More
42 SideBYSide Writing Your Headline, Adding a Headshot, and Setting a Custom URL
43 SideBYSide Let’s Add Your Summary and Featured Professional Branding Assets
44 SideBYSide Convert Your Resume into Powerful, SEO-Friendly LinkedIn® Content
45 SideBYSide Let’s Make the Most of College University Degrees on Your Profile
46 SideBYSide Strategically Aligning Your Big Six Skills™ & Your LinkedIn® Skills
47 SideBYSide How to Use Online Course Certificates and Licenses on Your Profile
48 SideBYSide Could the Projects Section Be a Secret Weapon on Your Profile
49 SideBySide How to Manage Your Privacy and Job Search Settings

How to Make Your Cover Letter Your Job-winning Sidekick
50 Why Cover Letters Can Make the Difference in Your Job Search
51 Cover Letter Resource Bank [Templates + 12 Professionally-written Samples Here]
52 Crafting Your Cover Letter Strategy [Barriers Checklist in Resources]
53 Hack How to Mass Customize Your Cover Letters
54 Eazl’s SIS System for Decoding Organizational Cultures [SIS Guide Here]
55 SideBYSide Writing a Cover Letter that Makes the Difference

You Need to Know What’s Going on Behind the Scenes
56 Learn How the Labor Market Works Behind the Scenes
57 Why Organizations Hire and How it Impacts Your Job Search
58 Who is Scanning My Resume
59 Voices from the Field What Do Recruiters Look for When they Scan a Resume
60 How to Use Recruiters and Staffing Agencies
61 How to Uncover Middle Market Opportunities
62 How the Hidden Job Market Works

Job Search 2.0 Integrating Technology and Networking into Your Job Search
63 Let’s Leverage Technology to Get You Superhuman Powers on Your Job Search
64 Voices from the Field Which Digital Tools are Most Important on the Job Hunt
65 Your Secret Weapon Job Search CRM [e-Networking Word Tracks Here]
66 Custom Software Solution Job Search CRM with Your Own Career Hacking™ Hub
67 Boolean Techniques How to Search Like an Expert [Guide to Boolean Search Here]
68 SideBYSide Kaman’s Boolean Search Trick for Finding Related Companies

Pre-interviewing Your New Job Search Skill to Use in the Digital World
69 When I Message Recruiter on LinkedIn® or WhatsApp®, am I Pre-interviewing Yep!
70 CCMM 2.0 How to Build Your Professional Network in the Digital World
71 SideBYSide How to Find Strategic Networking Targets on LinkedIn®
72 SideBYSide How to Research Organizations on LinkedIn®
73 Voices from the Field How Should I Ask to Join Someone’s Professional Network
74 Recruiter Mark Schnefke on How Digital Relationships with Candidate Evolve
75 How to Use Informal Chats to Build a Network
76 EazlLive An Example of an Informal Chat

How to Win in Formal Job Interviews While Being Yourself
77 It’s About Preparation and Knowing Your Audience
78 How the Interviewing System Works
79 Voices from the Field How Should I Approach Job Interviews
80 By Request How to Sell Yourself Without Selling
81 What Does the Data Say Fortune 500 Hiring Managers Look For
82 Hacking Interview Prep The BORG System [Interview Cheat Sheet Here]
83 EazlViews A Fortune 500 Recruiter on References [Reference Templates Here]
84 How to Use Crisis Narratives to Tell Powerful Stories
85 How to Handle the Weakness Question
86 How to Master the Art of Small Talk
87 EazlLive Active Listening to Find Strategic Information
88 The $10,000 Strategy How to Never Be Stumped by Any Question
89 How to Overcome Interview Nerves
90 How to Make a Great First Impression
91 How to Hack Phone Interviews [Guide to Phone Screens Here]
92 How to Ace Video Interviews
93 How to Ace the Agency Headhunter Staffing Manager Interview
94 EazlViews Mock Interview with a Fortune 500 Recruiter

Preparing for Success in Your Career Transition
97 Let’s Build Your Soft Skills and Craft Your 5-Year Career Vision
98 Soft Skills Practice Disagreeing without Being Disagreeable
99 Soft Skills Practice Asking Questions that Matter
100 Soft Skills Practice Finding Common Ground with New People
101 Soft Skills Practice Giving Someone Genuine Praise
102 Voices from the Field What Will Be Different about the Job Market in 5 Years
103 [Optional] Explore Technical, Enterprise, Startup, and Non-profit Career Paths
104 [Optional] Use the VISTA Career Planning Tool [VISTA Tool Here]
105 [Optional] Career Hacking™ for Mid and Later-life Folks Making a Career Change

Salary Negotiation Strategies, Further Study Modules and Content Upgrade Journal
106 Salary Negotiation The Labor Market is a Marketplace [See Resources]
107 Voices from the Field What Salary Negotiation Tips Can You Share
108 Further Study Economist Charles Hugh Smith on Accrediting Yourself
109 Further Study Handling Employment Gaps on Your Resume
110 Further Study How to Use the Template if You Have No Work Experience
111 Further Study Incorporating a Long Career into Your Resume
112 Further Study How to Use Incomplete Degrees on Your Resume
113 Further Study How to Create Opportunities with Startups
114 Further Study Strategies for the Long Distance Job Search
115 Further Study How Leadership Development Programs Work
116 Further Study for Programmers Tips from a Technical Recruiter on Interviewing
117 Further Study on US Work Visas Tips from an Immigration Lawyer and a Recruiter

Career Hacking™ Courseware Upgrade Log
118 Your Course is Frequently Updated! Here’s the Upgrade Log Since 2014