Cancer Prediction for Industrial IoT 4.0: A Machine Learning Perspective

Cancer Prediction for Industrial IoT 4.0: A Machine Learning Perspective

English | 2021 | ISBN: 978-1032028781 | 216 Pages | PDF | 11 MB

Cancer Prediction for Industrial IoT 4.0: A Mining and Machine Learning Perspective explores the various cancers using Artificial Intelligence Techniques. It presents the rapid advancement in the existing predicting models by applying Machine Learning techniques. Several applications of Machine Learning in different cancer prediction and treatment are incorporated in the book. The wide variety of topics it presents offers readers multiple perspectives on various disciplines, including the number of chapters in the edited book.

The key features of this Edited Book are as follows:

  • Fundamental, History, Reality and Challenges of Cancer
  • Concepts and Analysis of different cancer in human
  • Machine Learning-based Deep Learning and data mining Concepts in the prediction of cancer
  • Prediction of cancer including different real-world examples
  • Strategies and Tools for Prediction of cancer
  • Future prospectus in cancer prediction and treatment

The main benefits of reading this book are as follows:

  • Readers can be able to understand the fundamental concepts and analysis of Cancer prediction and treatment
  • Readers can learn how to apply emerging technologies such as Machine Learning into practice to tackle challenges in s domains/fields of cancer with real-world scenarios.
  • Help guide the reader to the specific ideas, tools, and practices most applicable to the product/service development and innovation problems and opportunities.
  • Hands-on chapters contributed by the academicians and other professionals from reputed organizations provides and describes frameworks, applications, best practices and case studies on emerging cancer treatment and predictions.

This book will help the graduates, data scientists, machine learning users, doctors and analytics Managers.