C Standard Library

C Standard Library
C Standard Library
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Get up to speed with the C standard library, the standardized library of functions available for the C programming language. This course covers over 60 of the most useful and popular functions, as grouped in the header files stdio.h, stdlib.h, stdint.h, string.h, and math.h. Instructor Eduardo Corpeño starts by reviewing the library’s organization and familiarizing you with the header files and syntax. Then he shows how to accomplish a variety of tasks with the library: processing input and output, managing application memory, generating random numbers, sorting and searching for data, manipulating text strings, and performing math. Each chapter includes numerous examples that show the functions in practice, along with programming challenges that allow you to test your new knowledge and skills.

Topics include:

  • Working with header files
  • C constants and types
  • Unformatted and formatted input/output
  • Accessing files with C functions
  • Generating random numbers
  • Converting strings
  • Sorting and searching for data
  • Manipulating strings
  • Using mathematical functions
Table of Contents

1 Get up to speed with the C standard library
2 What you should know

The C Standard Library
3 Overview of the library
4 Header files
5 Constants and types

Input and Output Library stdio.h
6 Unformatted I O
7 Unformatted I O example
8 Formatted I O
9 Formatted I O example
10 File access
11 File access example
12 Challenge Copying a text file
13 Solution Copying a text file

General Purpose stdlib.h
14 Memory allocation
15 Memory allocation example
16 Random number generation
17 Random number generation example
18 String conversion
19 String conversion example
20 Sort and search
21 Sort and search main
22 Sort and search functions
23 Challenge Lets get random
24 Solution Lets get random

String Functions string.h
25 String manipulation
26 String manipulation example
27 String examination
28 String examination example
29 Memory chunk operations
30 Memory chunk operations example
31 Challenge Find a special word
32 Solution Find a special word

Mathematical Functions math.h
33 Mathematical functions
34 Rounding and truncating
35 Rounding and truncating example
36 Trigonometric functions
37 Trigonometric functions example
38 Powers and exponentials
39 Powers and exponentials example
40 Challenge Polar coordinate conversion
41 Solution Polar coordinate conversion

42 Next steps