C++ Game Programming 1

C++ Game Programming 1
C++ Game Programming 1
English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 6h 05m | 770 MB

Get a fun introduction to the world of game programming with C++. This course teaches the basics of game development with C++ and the OpenGL-powered Simple and Fast Multimedia Library (SFML), using three fully playable sample games: an addictive two-button tapper, a multilevel zombie survival shooter, and a split-screen multiplayer puzzle. Instructor John Horton starts with the very basics of programming, including variables, loops, and conditions. Become more skillful with each game as you move through the key C++ topics, such as object-oriented programming, C++ pointers, and the Standard Template Library. While building these games, you can also learn exciting game programming concepts like collision detection, sprite sheets, views, the HUD (heads-up display), and more.

This course was created and produced by Packt Publishing. We are honored to host this training in our library.

Topics include:

  • Creating the main game loop
  • Drawing the game background
  • Handling errors
  • Manipulating C++ variables
  • Randomizing numbers
  • Making decisions with if, else, and switch
  • Moving game objects
  • Pausing and restarting games
  • Adding scoring and messages
  • Looping
  • Using class enumerations and arrays
  • Adding sound effects
  • Object-oriented programming in C++
  • C++ references
  • Pointers
  • Texture management
  • Collision detection
  • Implementing the HUD
  • Finishing the game