Burp Suite Recipes

Burp Suite Recipes
Burp Suite Recipes
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Adopt the functionality of Burpsuite to perform web application pen-testing

Burp Suite is a Java-based platform for security-testing web applications. This tool has been widely adopted by professional enterprise testers.

This video offers practical recipes to tackle challenges in determining and exploring vulnerabilities in web applications. You will learn to uncover security flaws with various test cases for complex environments. After you have configured Burp for your environment, you will use various Burp tools such as Spider, Scanner, Intruder, Repeater, Decoder, and others to resolve specific problems faced by pentesters. You will learn to work with various modes Burp and then perform operations on the web using the Burp CLI. Towards the end of the course, you will come across recipes that target specific test scenarios and resolved them with best practices.

By the end of the course, you will be up-and-running with deploying Burp to secure web applications and will have gone from beginner to intermediate level in web penetration testing.

This course aims to provide complete coverage of every Burp Suite objective. The course is filled with relevant, concise demonstrations and explanations to help you understand Burp Suite.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the working of Burpsuite with web applications.
  • Learn Advance level techniques to enhance Burpsuite knowledge
  • Perform Web Application Analysis using Burpsuite
  • Understand and Perform Web Application Attacks using Burpsuite.
  • Analyze the final results and generate the report using Burpsuite.