Building a Web Interface with React.js

Building a Web Interface with React.js
Building a Web Interface with React.js
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React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces that display dynamic data. Because of its reusable components and unique data rendering approach, the web interfaces you create with React are flexible, fast, and lightweight. Need another reason to choose React? It’s also easy to learn, with these lessons from staff author Ray Villalobos. Join Ray as he reviews React’s component architecture and covers key skills such as handling events, breaking code into custom subcomponents, managing form fields with references, and setting up sorting and search. Every lesson is focused on the specifics of creating web interfaces with React, so you’ll be able to easily transition the techniques to your own projects.

Topics include:

  • Using components and subcomponents
  • Working with state
  • Handling events
  • Creating subcomponents
  • Using references
  • Sorting and updating views, events, and search results
Table of Contents

What you should now
Using the exercises

How is React.js different
Overview of the project
Review of our build process

Using components
Working with state
Using complex data
adding lifecycle methods and setting state
Using subcomponents
Working with events

Creating our subcomponent
Managing interactions
Using Refs

Importing our search component
Sorting and updating views
Handling sorting events
Updating search dynamically

Next steps