Building Real-Time Web Apps with SignalR 2

Building Real-Time Web Apps with SignalR 2
Building Real-Time Web Apps with SignalR 2
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Adding real-time functionality to your web applications can be tricky. SignalR is an open-source ASP.NET library that simplifies this process, making it easier for developers to build dynamic applications that provide users with real-time updates. In this project-based course, instructor Richard Rout acquaints you with the fundamentals of using SignalR 2 with the ASP.NET MVC framework as he walks through the creation of a real-time chat application. Learn how to add real-time functionality to an ASP.NET MVC application, secure it, and add groups.

Topics include:

  • What is SignalR?
  • Scaling out an architecture using SignalR
  • Adding a SignalR hub and client to an MVC app
  • Adding JavaScript code to handle sending chat messages
  • Authentication with SignalR
  • How SignalR groups work
  • Adding chat rooms with groups
Table of Contents

1 Real-time websites with SignalR
2 What you should know

SignalR Overview and Concepts
3 What is SignalR
4 Real-time transports
5 Hubs
6 Clients
7 SignalR connection lifetime
8 Scaling with SignalR

Configuring SignalR in ASP.NET
9 Adding a SignalR hub to an MVC app
10 Adding a SignalR client to an MVC app
11 Sending messages using SignalR

Building a Real-Time App with SignalR
12 Example of Fun Chat
13 Creating an ASP.NET app with SignalR
14 Sending a new chat message
15 Reacting to a new chat message

SignalR Groups
16 How SignalR groups work
17 Adding chat rooms with groups

Authentication with SignalR
18 Authentication with SignalR
19 Adding authentication to Fun Chat
20 Adding private messages to Fun Chat

21 Next steps