Building a Paid Membership Site with Django

Building a Paid Membership Site with Django
Building a Paid Membership Site with Django
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In this course, put your Django skills to the test by building a membership site that is able to share content with users and collect payments. This course covers setting up the checkout for the site, managing users, configuring access controls, and releasing premium content to subscribers. By the end of this course, you will have learned how to create a visually pleasing and functional membership site with Django.

Topics include:

  • Using APIs Leveraging the Stripe dashboard Building a checkout page Configuring payment periods Working with the Stripe frontend Handling data Implementing a coupon system Processing payments Analyzing Stripe data Creating user models Allowing for subscription cancellations
Table of Contents

1 Building a paid membership site with Django
2 What you should know
3 Demo project overview

Setting Up Our Project
4 The starter project walkthrough
5 Create Stripe account
6 Create a product in Stripe

Checkout Basics
7 Select yearly or monthly
8 Checkout page
9 Stripe front end
10 Passing data
11 Coupons

Processing Payments
12 Process payment
13 View Stripe data
14 Create customer
15 Release plans

Canceling a Subscription
16 Settings for a GET request
17 Cancel subscription
18 Settings view
19 Updating accounts

20 Next steps