Building Games with Phaser

Building Games with Phaser
Building Games with Phaser
English | MP4 | AVC 1920×1080 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 3.5 Hours | 694 MB

A guide to produce amazing html5 games!

By taking this course on building Phaser games, you’ll build 3 html5 games. If you know a little bit of Javascript and have a big passion for games, this is the course for you!

You will learn how to set up games to run on desktop computers and mobile devices

You will be able to turn your imagination into exciting games!

I will show you some of the tricks and techniques that I have picked up over the years, such as showing you how to copy your own code to reuse.

Code Templates and all resources you need to complete the games are included!

I love talking about game development, especially where it comes to building Phaser games, and am happy to answer your questions and discuss any ideas you may have!

Table of Contents

Getting Started
1 Introduction
2 The Games we will be building
3 Tools used for this course
4 Setting up a Local Server
5 Terms used in this course

Color Zap
6 Setting up
7 Making the blank game
8 Adding Images
9 Image Positioning
10 Preparing for mobile
11 Screen Orientation
12 Preparing for Desktop
13 Adding Buttons
14 Working with groups
15 Detecting Clicks on Sprites
16 Using Sprite Sheets
17 Sprite Frames
18 Random Numbers
19 Introduction to Physics
20 Using the update loop
21 Building the Game Over Screen
22 Adding Text
23 Adding Sounds
24 Game Difficulty
25 Toggling the Sound

Hungry Dragon
26 Quick Set Up
27 Quick Orientation Set Up
28 Animation
29 Scrolling Backgrounds
30 Backgrounds for Large Tablets
31 Adding Gravity
32 Defying Gravity
33 Creating Copies of Objects
34 Handling Collisions
35 Moving a Group
36 Scoring Logic
37 Adding Game Over
38 Adding the Start Screen
39 Adding Animation to the Start Screen
40 Adding Fancy Text
41 Adding Instructions
42 Music Buttons
43 Sounds
44 Background Music
45 Adjusting the Game for Tablets
46 Game Balancing

Robot Bomb Squad
47 Using a basic template
48 Multiple Animations
49 Set Up Physics
50 Using the tile maker
51 Adding the Tile Map to the Game
52 Controlling Movement
53 Jumping
54 Tweaking the Game
55 Picking Up Items
56 Adding more levels
57 Adding a Virtual Gamepad
58 Adding Events to the Gamepad
59 Adding Monsters
60 Debuging Physics in Phaser
61 Adding Collisions to the Monsters
62 Jumping on Monsters
63 Adding a Timer Bar
64 The Mega Template
65 Adding the Game to Template
66 Adding Sounds to the Template
67 Adding Background Music to the Template
68 Final Code
69 Final Thoughts