Building Angular and Django Apps

Building Angular and Django Apps
Building Angular and Django Apps
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Put your Angular and Django REST knowledge to the test. In this course, join Rudolf Olah as he delves into the intricacies of pairing the two frameworks to build dynamic web applications. Throughout the course, Rudolf demonstrates how to wire together the two frameworks, add pagination, secure, and test your applications. Discover how to prepare your Angular code for production, communicate between the front-end and back-end servers using the built-in Angular HttpClient, and use the Angular Material UI component framework to display pop-up dialog boxes and data in tables. Plus, learn how to set up authentication with the Django OAuth Toolkit, implement filtering with Django and Angular, and use unit and end-to-end testing to ensure that your app is ready for production.

Topics include:

  • Serving Angular code through Django static files
  • Creating forms with Angular and Django
  • Setting up authentication
  • Filtering with Django and Angular
  • Pagination with Django and Angular
  • Unit testing authentication
Table of Contents

1 Create a full-stack Angular app with the Django REST framework
2 What you should know
3 Demo project overview
4 Running the Angular and Django development servers
5 Compiling Angular Code
6 Serving Angular Code Through Django static files
7 Creating models with the Django REST framework
8 Creating a ViewSet with Django
9 Creating a REST API service with Angular
10 Creating a basic form as an Angular component
11 Connecting an Angular component to a service
12 Form layout with Angular Material
13 Date time selection with a Calendar in Angular
14 Displaying a data table with Angular Material table
15 Displaying a pop-up dialog box with Angular
16 Displaying more information with Angular
17 Setting up Authentication with Django OAuth Toolkit
18 Using scopes with Django OAuth Toolkit for permissions
19 Registering a new OAuth application with Django OAuth Toolkit
20 Logging in and authentication with Angular and HttpClient
21 Using OAuth headers with Angular and HttpClient
22 Authentication storage with Angular
23 Checking permissions with Django
24 Deleting an item using Angular and Django
25 Partially updating an item using Angular
26 Pagination with Django
27 Pagination with Angular
28 Filtering with Django
29 Filtering with Angular
30 Animations in Angular
31 Unit testing a component
32 Unit testing a service
33 Unit testing a controller
34 End-to-end testing the form submission process
35 End-to-end testing the filtered data table
36 Unit testing authentication
37 Unit testing permission checks
38 Unit testing validation for the REST API
39 Next steps