Build YouTube with React

Build YouTube with React

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Learn to build and deploy a full YouTube clone with React, Node, and more.

Gain expert skills to build and deploy an awesome React app.

An epic tutorial that walks you through the process of building your own awesome YouTube web app built with React and Node.

It doesn’t take weeks or months to do something great with React. In just a few days, you can learn the tricks to start building your own awesome, ready-to-go app.

And in that time, you will get more than just a great project. You will master a full set of powerful skills to create your own incredible applications, limited only by your imagination.

We will create a complete clone of the YouTube web application that looks and works like the real thing.

Along the way, we will master a range of powerful industry technologies, including:

  • Building a reliable and secure back end with Node.js
  • Building a Fully Functional REST API with Express
  • Adding custom app functionality with React Hooks
  • Making Efficient Queries with React Query
  • Dynamically loading images and videos with Cloudinary
  • Easy login with Google OAuth
  • Mastering Authentication Best Practices with JWTs and Cookies
  • Interacting with our Postgres database using Prisma
  • Deploying Full Featured React + Node Apps with Heroku
  • Still reading? It’s not even HALF of the skills you learn …

This course is designed for ambitious developers who:

  • They are learning React, want to take skills to the next level and quickly increase their value as a developer.
  • Always wanted (but never knew) where to find the skills to build epic React apps.
  • They want to learn React well enough to kick-start their own business, online store, and app ideas.
  • Already familiar with HTML, CSS and JS, but you have a really exciting task ahead of you.
  • Previously, we have created several applications in React and want to see how to create such applications on our own.

In short, this course is for anyone looking to learn how to build world-class applications with React.

Whether you want to get started with an exciting new project or want to become a full-featured developer with React and Node, you’ll learn a ton from this course.

  • You will get proven best practices for writing React code using advanced functions and libraries (not even touched upon in other tutorials).
  • You will understand how impressive user interfaces in React are built from the ground up and the steps to follow for your own projects.
  • Learn firsthand how to build powerful APIs using Node, Express, and Postgres that serve as the engine for any
  • React application you want to build. We don’t miss any details, from routes to controllers and secure authentication.
  • After this course, you should be able to easily deploy any fully functional React and Node on the web using the customization and template we created in this project.
  • Not only will you learn how to create your own awesome full-featured app, but you can also use it to kickstart your business, your next great app idea, and your first-class portfolio project.

Reed Barger

+ Table of Contents

1 Final App Preview
2 Tools You Will Need
3 Recommended VSCode Setup
4 Get and run our project
5 Server code overview
6 Create Postgres database
7 Manage data directly with Prisma Studio
8 Create test route and controller
9 Create Google Login endpoint
10 Get current user with me endpoint
11 Signout by clearing our cookie
12 Get recommended videos
13 Create get video views utility function
14 Get trending videos by view count
15 Search videos by title or description
16 Create new videos, connect them to user
17 Add comments to videos
18 Delete comments from videos
19 Add video views
20 Toggle like and dislike videos
21 Get video by id
22 Delete videos and all relations
23 Get liked videos for user
24 Get user’s video history
25 Subscribe to users’ channels
26 Get user’s subscription feed
27 Search for users by username
28 Recommend channels to new users
29 Get user profile
30 Edit current user’s profile
31 Improve me endpoint
32 React app overview
33 Add global styles to React app
34 Create client routes
35 Add navigation links to navbars
36 Toggle navbar with custom hook
37 Add sign in with Google OAuth
38 Share user state with useAuth
39 Signout user from React
40 Fetch data performantly with react-query
41 Get recommended videos in home page
42 Create video card component
43 Handle video upload to Cloudinary
44 Add feedback with snackbar
45 Create upload video modal
46 Post uploaded video
47 Create Watch Video page
48 Display video comments
49 Display Up Next videos
50 Like and dislike videos
51 Subscribe and unsubscribe to channels
52 Add comments to videos
53 Protect auth action with custom hook
54 Search for users and videos
55 Create trending videos page
56 Create subscriptions page
57 Create history page
58 Create liked videos page
59 Create library page
60 Create channel and my videos pages
61 Style channel page
62 Edit user profile
63 Delete comment from comment list
64 Delete video from our channel
65 Performance optimization with React
66 Handle app errors with error boundaries
67 Deploy to web with Heroku