Build an API with Laravel

Build an API with Laravel
Build an API with Laravel by Thomas Nørgaard
English | 2019 | ISBN: n/a | 746 Pages | True PDF, EPUB | 24 MB

Have you had the same question as above where you feel like something is missing? Maybe you’ve already built an API that way and discovered that you disliked it, because you had to implement everything one more time on the frontend.
While returning models and collections as JSON certainly work, there is a more streamlined approach, which follows protocols and has been tested and proven effective for years.
Build an API with Laravel will not only teach you proper conventions that will make you build APIs with confidence. It will also show you how to implement these into Laravel and give you an excellent workflow you will love.
As a bonus, we will also show how an API with strict conventions leads to easier communication between your Laravel Backend and VueJS application.
What will you learn from this book?

  • JSON:API — You will learn about the JSON:API specification and all the benefits.
  • Documentation — You will learn how to create great documentation for your API.
  • Security — You will learn how to secure your APIs using Laravel Passport.
  • Building — You will learn how to implement the JSON:API Specification in Laravel.
  • Testing — You will learn how to test your APIs, to ensure that they work as intended.
  • Workflow — You will learn an excellent development workflow and stay productive, even if you are offline.

What’s inside the book?

  • An introduction to APIs
  • What the JSON:API specification is and the benefits
  • What to plan before you build an API
  • How to document your API
  • How to secure your API in Laravel
  • How to implement the JSON:API specification in Laravel
  • How to test your API using test-driven development
  • How to get an excellent API development workflow with the Laravel tooling
  • BONUS Chapter The benefits of JSON:API on the frontend