Bootstrap 4: First Look

Bootstrap 4: First Look
Bootstrap 4: First Look
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Bootstrap 4 is here, and it’s an important update that touches nearly every line of code. Get your first look at the changes in this popular responsive design platform. Our resident Bootstrap expert Ray Villalobos covers Reboot.css, which standardizes a lot of the CSS in Bootstrap 4; the new card components; and changes to the grid, forms, and tables in Bootstrap. Plus, find out how to compensate for the deprecation of Glyphicons and adjust to smaller changes throughout the platform. These tips will help you avoid some of the pitfalls when it comes to upgrading your own site from Bootstrap 3—and get excited about what’s to come.

Topics include:

  • Installing the upgrade
  • Using Reboot.css
  • Using the new grid
  • Working with new navigation and card components
  • Understanding table and form changes
Table of Contents

Using the course exercise files
What you should know

1. Core Bootstrap 4 Changes
Installing Bootstrap
Summary of the Bootstrap 4 upgrade
Understanding Reboot.css
Using the new grid
Utility classes

2. Working with Components
Advanced card layouts
Designing basic cards
Working with the new navigation

3. Other Updates
Form changes
Other changes
Table changes
Where are the icons

Next steps