Blockchain Programming in iOS Using Swift

Blockchain Programming in iOS Using Swift
Blockchain Programming in iOS Using Swift
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Blockchain enables decentralized encryption of sensitive data. Once the domain of the dark web, the power of the blockchain can now be harnessed by everyday developers. This training course explains how to implement blockchain-based storage and encryption in the iOS framework using Swift. Instructor Mohammad Azam begins with the very basics, explaining all the details related to blockchain technology: cryptocurrency like bitcoin, distributed ledgers, keys, and mining. He shows how to implement the core elements of blockchain—models, keys, and blocks—and then builds smart contracts as well as a web API that exchanges data securely with the blockchain. Plus, learn how to decentralize blockchain even further using node-based processing and mining.

Topics include:

  • Evaluating blockchain technology
  • Developing blockchain models
  • Generating keys for blocks
  • Adding blocks to the blockchain
  • Implementing smart contracts
  • Creating a blockchain web API
  • Decentralizing blockchain
Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 What you should know
3 What is cryptocurrency
4 What is a centralized ledger
5 What is a distributed ledger
6 Public and private keys
7 What is mining
8 The longest chain
9 Developing blockchain models
10 Generating keys for blocks
11 Initializing the blockchain
12 Proof of work
13 Adding blocks to the blockchain
14 Understanding smart contracts
15 Implementing smart contracts
16 Prerequisites
17 Setting up a server-side Swift project using Vapor
18 Setting up a controller and services
19 Returning the blockchain
20 Mining a block
21 Creating node models
22 Mining on nodes
23 Resolving conflicts