Blockchain for Information Security and Privacy

Blockchain for Information Security and Privacy

English | 2021 | ISBN: 978-0367654481 | 432 Pages | PDF | 56 MB

Distributed and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications are increasing daily, and cyberattacks are constantly adopting new mechanisms to threaten the security and privacy of users in these Internet of Things (IoT) environments. Blockchain, a decentralized cryptographic-based technology, is a promising element for IoT security in manufacturing, finance, healthcare, supply chain, identity management, e-governance, defence, education, banking, and trading. Blockchain has the potential to secure IoT through repetition, changeless capacity, and encryption.

Blockchain for Information Security and Privacy provides essential knowledge of blockchain usage in the mainstream areas of security, trust, and privacy in decentralized domains. This book is a source of technical information regarding blockchain-oriented software and applications. It provides tools to researchers and developers in both computing and software engineering to develop solutions and automated systems that can promote security, trust, and privacy in cyberspace.


  • Applying blockchain-based secured data management in confidential cyberdefense applications
  • Securing online voting systems using blockchain
  • Safeguarding electronic healthcare record (EHR) management using blockchain
  • Impacting security and privacy in digital identity management
  • Using blockchain-based security and privacy for smart contracts

By providing an overview of blockchain technology application domains in IoT (e.g., vehicle web, power web, cloud internet, and edge computing), this book features side-by-side comparisons of modern methods toward secure and privacy-preserving blockchain technology. It also examines safety objectives, efficiency, limitations, computational complexity, and communication overhead of various applications using blockchain. This book also addresses the combination of blockchain and industrial IoT. It explores novel various-levels of information sharing systems.