Blockchain for Developers: Hyperledger Fabric on Azure

Blockchain for Developers: Hyperledger Fabric on Azure
Blockchain for Developers: Hyperledger Fabric on Azure
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Blockchain technology emerged in tandem with Bitcoin, but its potential far exceeds its function in the world of cryptocurrency. Blockchain offers enterprises a way to store all manner of data in a more secure, efficient, and validated manner—a boon for companies of all stripes. In this course, learn how to tap into the power of enterprise blockchain as a developer as you build a working application using Hyperledger Fabric in Microsoft Azure. Instructor Gurinder Singh Mann explores the fundamentals of enterprise blockchain and covers the basics of the Hyperledger Fabric network, an enterprise-grade permissioned distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform. After digging into these key concepts, he steps through how to build an app using Hyperledger Fabric.

Topics include:

  • Public vs. private ledgers
  • Managing identity in Hyperledger Fabric
  • Smart contracts
  • How consensus mechanisms are achieved in the network
  • Leveraging Hyperledger tools
  • Deploying Hyperledger Fabric on Azure
  • Querying the network for transactions
Table of Contents

1 Entering blockchain as a developer
2 What you should know
3 What we are going to build

Getting Started in Blockchain and Hyperledger
4 Blockchain landscape
5 Public vs. private ledgers

Hyperledger Concepts
6 Hyperledger introduction
7 Hyperledger Fabric network
8 Managing identity in Fabric
9 Smart contracts
10 How to reach consensus

Blockchain in Azure
11 Hyperledger Fabric on Azure
12 Production vs. development differences
13 Hyperledger tools

Set Up the Environment
14 Development environment setup
15 Deploy Hyperledger Fabric on Azure
16 Connect to network
17 Set up Hyperledger Composer

Create Application
18 Build the network
19 Examine application structure
20 Test the application lifecycle
21 Create the first transaction
22 Challenge Determine oil grade
23 Solution Determine oil grade

24 Next steps