Blazing-Fast Vue and GraphQL with Gridsome

Blazing-Fast Vue and GraphQL with Gridsome
Blazing-Fast Vue and GraphQL with Gridsome
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Harness the best in Vue and GraphQL to make impressive, ridiculously fast apps using the Gridsome static site generator

Want to build blazing-fast apps with Vue and GraphQL using Gridsome? This is the course for you. We’ll be building a complete blog and online store with a shopping cart built entirely with Vue, GraphQL, and Gridsome, where we can create and share posts, add comments, create products, add products to our cart, and purchase them. Our store data will be created and served by the headless CMS called Contentful (with blog posts are written entirely in the markdown format) and deployed to the web with Netlify.

Concepts Cover: –

  • How to build incredible apps with Vue and GraphQL using Gridsome
  • A complete crash course in GraphQL—what it is/how to use it
  • Using GraphQL within Vue components with static queries/page queries
  • Fetching and managing app data with the headless CMS, Contentful
  • Dead-simple, responsive images with g-image
  • Adding data sources to GraphQL with source plugins
  • Transforming data using Transformer plugins
  • Converting markdown data to HTML content with Gridsome
  • Programmatically creating site pages in Gridsome
  • Pagination and tagging in Gridsome
  • Using Frontmatter for blog posts
  • Shopping cart and user purchases with Snipcart
  • Continuous deployment through Git/GitHub with Netlify
  • Pages, routing, and nested routes in Gridsome
  • Links with g-link and active links in Gridsome
  • And much more…

The author really enjoyed making this course and he thinks you’ll enjoy taking it just as much. Looking forward to seeing you within the course!


  • How to build complete, impressive apps with Vue, GraphQL, and Gridsome
  • The core concepts of working with GraphQL, Vue, and Gridsome as a single stack
  • How to make highly practical and dynamic static sites in Vue
Table of Contents

1 What You Need for this Course
2 What is Gridsome How Gridsome Works
3 Project Setup, Install Gridsome CLI

4 Gridsome Project Files
5 Pages, Routes, 404
6 Layouts, Aliasing
7 G-Links, Smart Link Prefetching
8 Components and Props in Gridsome
9 Page Meta Information, SEO
10 Site Meta Data, Intro to Static Queries
11 GraphQL Overview, Using Static Queries

Control Structures
12 Intro to Plugins, Source and Transformer Plugins
13 Add Blog Page, Render Posts with Static Query
14 Frontmatter for Blog Posts
15 Templates, Programmatic Pages, Page Queries, GraphQL Variables
16 G-Image for Performant Image Loading
17 Querying and Formatting Images with GraphQL
18 Tags and Tagging Posts
19 Pagination
20 Comments with Disqus

Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
21 Integrate Headless CMS Contentful, Creating Product Data
22 Fetching and Displaying Products
23 Shopping Cart with Snipcart, Adding Scripts and Stylesheets

Runtime MetaProgramming
24 Environment Variables, Deploying with Netlify