Competititve Programming & Coding Interviews Bible – Part 2

Competititve Programming & Coding Interviews Bible – Part 2

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Build the foundation in Algorithms and Data Structures to ace Competitive Programming & Coding Interviews

This course is going to be your bible on solving each coding interview question and competitive programming challenge. The content is based on my 9 year experience of struggling to find and solve a wide range of problems and develop the system for mastering this skill. I cover the exact same content that has helped my students’ performance skyrocket and got them offers at top companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon and solid results in the International Competitive Programming Contests.

Here’s what make this course amazing:

I guide you through the line of my thought when solving each problem, focusing on building the general approach for any type of problem you can encounter in competitive programming contests or coding interviews.

You will learn all the theory needed, but our main focus here is on practical applications.

I share with you problem solving tricks and good coding practices that took me years and hundreds of problems to figure out.

It’s interactive and engaging: I try to keep the theory as simple and natural as possible and we work as a team in solving any problem.

Do you think it’s finally the time to get the Software Developer Job or the results in Competitive Programming you deserve? Follow me!

What you’ll learn

  • Build a solid foundation to become a Competitive Programming wizard
  • Master revolutionary data structures and various types of problems using each of them
  • Learn fundamental algorithms and solve classical problems
  • Get ready for Codeforces, CodeChef, Hackerrank, ACM-ICPC and more
Table of Contents

Arrays Strings Sorting
1 Longest Common Prefix
2 Maximum Value And Number Of Occurences
3 Maximum Consecutive Ones
4 Majority Element
5 Number Of Distinct Values Solution 1
6 Single Number
7 Find Duplicates
8 Find Second Largest On log n
9 Find Second Largest
10 Group Anagrams
11 Count Binary Substrings
12 Rotate One To Right
13 Minimum Absolute Difference
14 Best Time To Buy And Sell One Stock
15 Increasing Triplet

Nested Loops Brute Force Algorithms
16 Index Of Substring
17 Longest Common Prefix Of Multiple Strings
18 Repeated Substring Pattern
19 Count Triangles On3
20 Max Sum Subarray On3
21 Max Sum Subarray On2
22 Sum Of Subarray Maximums On3
23 Sum Of Subarray Maximums On2

24 Recursive Array Sum
25 Recursive Reverse String
26 Generate Pattern
27 Recursive First Occurence
28 Flatten Multidimensional Array

29 Generate Subsets
30 Generate Permutations
31 Generate Parentheses
32 Generate Valley Permutations
33 Word Search

34 Next Greater Element
35 Reverse Substrings Between Parentheses
36 Decode String
37 Sum Of Subarray Maximums
38 Remove K Digits

Two Pointers Sliding Window
39 Merge 2 Sorted Arrays
40 Dot Product Of Sparse Vectors
41 Count Triangles On2
42 Longest Harmonious Subsequence On2
43 Longest Harmonious Subsequence On
44 Count Submatrices With All Ones
45 Subarray Of Given Sum Positive Numbers
46 Palindromic Substrings Solution 1
47 Palindromic Substrings Solution 2

Partial Sums
48 Maximum Sum Of 3 Non Overlapping Subarrays On3
49 Max Sum Of 3 Non Overlapping Subarrays On2
50 Max Sum Of 3 Non Overlapping Subarrays On

51 DFS Find If Path Exists In Graph
52 BFS Min Distance To Every Vertex
53 Shortest Path With Alternating Colors
54 Dijkstras Algorithm
55 Number Of Islands Part 1
56 Number Of Islands Part 2
57 Word Ladder Solution 1
58 Word Ladder Solution 2 Part 1
59 Word ladder Solution 2 Part 2
60 Word ladder Solution 3 Part 1
61 Word ladder Solution 3 Part 2

Hash Maps
62 Ransom Note
63 Isomorphic Strings
64 Group Anagrams Solution 2
65 Number Of Distinct Values Solution 2
66 Sum
67 Subarray Of Given Sum

68 Maximum Units On Truck
69 Assign Cookies
70 Max Profit Assigning Work
71 Nonoverlapping Intervals Part 1
72 Nonoverlapping Intervals Part 2
73 Non overlapping Intervals Part 3
74 Meeting Rooms Solution 1
75 Meeting Rooms Solution 2

Linked Lists
76 Copy List With Random Pointer Solution 1
77 Copy List With Random Pointer Solution 2