Beginning Game Development with Godot: Learn to Create and Publish Your First 2D Platform Game

Beginning Game Development with Godot: Learn to Create and Publish Your First 2D Platform Game

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-1484274545 | 386 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 44 MB

Learn the fundamentals of Godot by diving headfirst into creating a 2D platformer from scratch. This book is a hands-on, practical guide to developing 2D games using the Godot Engine 3.2.3/3.3, with the help of GDScript.

Author Maithili Dhule begins by explaining some basic tools and techniques used to make games, the factors that need to be considered while choosing a game engine, and pointing out the benefits of using Godot. She then walks you through downloading the engine and guides you as you explore key features of its interface. Next, you’ll receive a concise introduction to the basics of GDScript, the main scripting language used in Godot, before moving on to essential topics such as Godot’s node-scene architecture, the interaction of various physics bodies, the creation of game scenes, and writing scripts. As the book progresses, you’ll learn how to create and animate your game character, design the game world, add enemies, and implement a coin-collection system. You’ll also see how the user’s gaming experience can be enhanced through the addition of parallax backgrounds, a title screen, music, and sound effects. Toward the end of the book, you’ll learn how to export your game to different platforms, both mobile and PC, as well as possible avenues for monetizing the game.

Throughout the book, theoretical concepts are supplemented with concrete, ready-to-implement examples that you can try out. Upon finishing this book, you’ll be able to make and publish your first 2D platform game. Beginning Game Development with Godot is for game development enthusiasts of all levels interested in creating their own games.
What You Will Learn

  • Understand the Godot engine and the benefits of using it for game development
  • Master the fundamentals of programming in GDScript
  • Use the Godot graphical interface to design and animate players, the game world, menus, and various games scenes
  • Create your first 2D game in Godot and publish it to various platforms