Beginners Java Programming

Beginners Java Programming
Beginners Java Programming
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Learn the first steps of becoming a computer programmer, starting with the most used computer language – Java!

This course will help you learn Java Programming without using extraordinary computer terms and making it very easily understandable for you. There are 62 different lecture in video format that will help you understand Java very fast and easily. No prior programming experience is required, it’s the perfect course for newbies in Java programming language, making it possible for YOU to ask the INSTRUCTOR any question you are insecure about and receive a response within a few hours or a day maximum…

This is the course you’ve been waiting for…! – Throughout this course you will be able to learn Java programming from the very beginning while understanding: Data Types, Variables, Loops, Operators etc; but not only that, YOU will also take your first steps in Object-Oriented Programming with Java.

Learn Object-Oriented Programming by creating a clear insight of Constructors, Objects, Methods, Arrays, Inheritance and Packages!

Using and understanding the meaning and the role of Java Reserved words is necessary while programming. This course will help you understand the meaning and the role of keywords used such as: public, protected, private, import, extend and many more…

Learn Java in easy steps and logically so that you will never forget it! – Learn Java Programming in just a few hours.

Table of Contents

Starting with Java
1 Introduction
2 Java and Eclipse Installation
3 Java as a Programming language – New Class
4 Change Eclipse Theme Color
5 My Class
6 String – Write Text
7 Data Types
8 Data Types – Integer
9 Integer and String Combination
10 Data Types – Boolean
11 Data Types – Char
12 Main Methods Role
13 Variables
14 Operators
15 Arithmetic
16 Whitespaces
18 Calculate Speed
19 Speed of Light 299 792 458 m s
20 Primitive Data Types
20 Primitive Data Types.pdf
21 If-else statements
22 Equality Operators
23 Boolean Operators
24 Boolean Operators Examples
25 While Loops
26 Do-While Loops
27 Switch Statements
28 Do-While Loops and Switch Statements
29 If Switch While loops
30 Forloops
31 Forloops Example
32 Reserved WordsPre-OOP
What would this code print.html
Whats going to be printed after we execute this code.html
Whats it going to print.html
Java Operators.html
Primitive Data Types.html
If Else Statements.html
While Loop.html
For Loop.html

Object-Oriented Programming OOP
33 Intro OOP
34 Class Syntax
35 Constructor
36 Objects
37 Default Constructor
38 Methods
39 Iron Lion Zion
40 Lion vs. Zebra
41 Lion and TigerNew Object
42 MethodsNew Parameters
43 Return Type Methodsint short boolean String etc…
44 Return and Void Methods
45 Inheritence
46 Inherit Return Type Methods
47 Arrays
48 Arrays – Part 2
49 Create your List
50 Your List
51 Packages
52 Computer Interactionimport Scanner class
53 Import Scanner Revision
54 ArrayList class
55 ArrayList Integer
56 ArrayList change places
57 HashMap class
58 Private Only
59 Protected
60 Static
61 Javax Packagejava extension
62 Last Video Lecture – My Window