The Basics Of Neural Network

The Basics Of Neural Network
The Basics Of Neural Network
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The Basics of Neural Networks. Neural neworks are typically organized in layers. … Patterns are presented to the network via the ‘input layer’, which communicates to one or more ‘hidden layers’ where the actual processing is done via a system of weighted ‘connections’.

Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 How to utilize a neural network
3 Improve your networks accuracy
4 Initialize your network
5 Link your learning with the chain rule
6 Move backwards to help the network learn
7 Tune your network
8 Use backpropagation for errors
9 Avoiding challenges
10 Classify massive data sets
11 Cluster your data into groups
12 Further steps
13 Defining MLP
14 Choosing with neurons
15 Detect complex paterns
16 Feed data into the network
17 Use hidden layers
18 Add weights
19 Determine the activation level
20 Give the neurons an activation bias