Master Bash Shell Scripting by Creating 6 Real World Scripts

Master Bash Shell Scripting by Creating 6 Real World Scripts

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Learn all Bash Basics then Master True Shell Scripting by Creating 6 Ready to use Scripts of incremental difficulty

Do you know any real and practical Bash Shell script?

There is a lot of abstract Bash Scripting that shows you isolated elements of bash programming.

However this can go only so far. You will not be ready for real world programming in your job if you have a theory based knowledge.

In this Course We will cover ALL the basics of terminal and bash scripting thoroughly, but without wasting any time,

we will then focus on 6 Real World Bash Scripts that you can use in your everyday life as a programmer.

They are carefully selected to build all the skills you need in Bash Scripting.

For this Reason they are of incremental complexity.

We will present and explain in details a command or a practice in Bash Scripting ONLY when it will be used in one of our main real world scripts, and we will build it together step by step, showing you the best practices when programming a real script.

In this way, not only will you learn ALL the fundamental ( and even some advanced ) elements in Bash Scripting, but you will know how to apply those in a Real scenario to solve a Real Problem.

Everything is explained at a slow pace and thoroughly to make sure you can follow along.

Even if you never used the command line, the First 2 Sections will teach you all the tools necessary to use the command line and start writing your shell scripts, nothing important is left out, nothing useless is left in.

By the end of the course you’ll be writing your own Shell Scripts, in particular you will learn how to:

  • Use the command line
  • Automate tasks using Shell Scripts
  • Create and use variables in your scripts
  • Manipulate variables to a wide extent
  • Use Wildcards
  • Use Input and output Redirection
  • Source subshells
  • Make decisions by using if-else statements
  • Loop through files and folders
  • Make decision based on strings, variables or files
  • Use arithmetic expression
  • Use advanced computations with the BC command line environment
  • Scripts with parameters and how to “shift”
  • Change the Internal field separator plus why and when to do so.
  • Use Arrays
  • How to properly use your PATH, and a script to work with it
  • Create Shell Scripts that solves real world problems
  • and much more…

You will write Scripts that:

  • Move back any numbers of directories you want in the terminal
  • Find the longest string inside any text file
  • Performs computations that terminal normally does NOT allow
  • Read files in your Linux system that have particular separators ( not the usual space )
  • Get clear Information of files in your PATH, the most important environment variable of your system
  • Use arrays to know how many times your files were modified during the day

Writing these scripts will allow you to develop an actual skill in creating scripts to solve real problems.

You can Become a Programmer in Bash Scripting who knows how to solve actual problems.

What you’ll learn

  • Be able to write your own Shell scripts
  • If-Else statements
  • Strings, variables and files manipulation
  • Advanced Arithmetic expressions
  • Loops through files and folders
  • The Path Environment Variables
  • Create 6 Shell Scripts that solves a real world problem
  • Input and Output Redirection
  • Arrays
  • Wildcards
  • and more…

+ Table of Contents

Command Line Basics
1 Introduction and Basics
2 Move around CD. Completion TAB. Hidden files ls -a
3 Mac Unix Linux
4 Copy Cp
5 Move, Remove, Copy files and folders around.
6 Access Files Cat, Less, More
7 Print on the screen Echo
8 Create Directories and Files Mkdir, Touch
9 Wildcards
10 Variables
11 Variables Manipulation
12 Permanent Variables
13 Read from input Read
14 Redirect the output
15 Redirect the error
16 Pipe
17 Grep
18 Brace Expansion
19 Permissions in the terminal
20 Change Permissions on Files

Bash Shell Basics
21 Our First Shell Script
22 If on Strings
23 If on Numbers and Files
24 Logic Conditions
25 For Loop

The BACK Script
26 BACK Script Intro
27 Subshells
28 The Source Command
29 Alias in Bash
30 The Type Command
31 Alias in Bash
32 Command Substitution
33 Parameters in the bash
34 The BACK Script
35 Adding a Script to the PATH

Returning values and Functions
36 Exit Status
37 Functions
38 Variables scope in functions

The CALC Script
39 CALC Script Intro
40 The Problem with arithmetic in Bash
41 The bc environment
42 Redirect Input Here Document
43 Redirect Input Here Document
44 Redirect Input 2 Here String
45 Redirect Input 2 Here String
46 Parameters in Bash Scripts
47 Parameters SHIFT
48 The CALC Script

The IFS Script
49 IFS Script Intro
50 Read Multiple variables
51 Grep Command
52 The Internal Field Separator
53 Intro To the IFS Script
54 The IFS Script

The PATH Script
55 Intro to the PATH Script
56 The PATH Script
57 The PATH Script

58 Intro To the MAX STRING Script
59 The Pipe Command
60 The wc Command
61 The Strings Command
62 The MAX STRING Script

63 Arrays
64 The Cut command
65 The Stat command in Linux
66 The Stat command in Mac Unix
67 The MODIFICATION Script Intro
68 The MODIFICATION Script, part 1
69 The MODIFICATION Script Part 2, a portable script
70 Conclusion