Azure App Service Web Apps: Configuring and Troubleshooting, 2nd Edition

Azure App Service Web Apps: Configuring and Troubleshooting, 2nd Edition
Azure App Service Web Apps: Configuring and Troubleshooting, 2nd Edition
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Learn from an expert while you become the expert. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you’ll find plenty to learn about configuring and troubleshooting a Web App running on the popular Azure App Service platform.

Azure App Service is a popular and fast-changing technology that makes it easy to start a website in minutes. After you’ve created your site, you’ll want to explore more advanced features like SSL certificates, custom domain names, using Docker containers, authentication, deployment slots, hybrid connections, and more. You might also encounter problems such as errors, a slow website, or slow pages. In this course, you learn how to deal with all of these configuration and troubleshooting scenarios, and by the end of the course you’ll be an expert in Web Apps running on Azure App Service.

What You Will Learn

  • Creating Web Apps in Azure App Service on Windows and Linux
  • Deploying Web Apps to Azure App Service
  • Configuring Web Apps
  • SSL
  • Custom domain names
  • Traffic routing
  • Traffic manager
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Docker containers
  • Hybrid connections
  • Backing up and cloning Web Apps
  • Using deployment slots
  • Scaling up and scaling out
  • Monitoring Web Apps and setting alerts
  • Troubleshooting error messages
  • Troubleshooting slow performance
Table of Contents

01 Azure App Service Web Apps – Configuring and Troubleshooting LiveLessons Video – Introduction
02 Learning Objectives
03 1.1 Understand Web Apps
04 1.2 Understand the Azure portal
05 1.3 Use Resource Groups and App Service Plans
06 1.4 Create an empty Web App
07 1.5 Create a Web App from a Marketplace template
08 Learning Objectives
09 2.1 Change app framework versions
10 2.2 Change between 32-bit and 64-bit platform
11 2.3 Configure Always On
12 2.4 Choose between the Integrated and the Classic pipeline
13 2.5 Add and delete App Settings
14 2.6 Configure database connection strings
15 2.7 Control default documents
16 2.8 Configure virtual directories and set application roots
17 2.9 Configure ARR Affinity
18 Learning Objectives
19 3.1 Allow others to configure and manage apps using Access Control
20 3.2 Configure your own domain name
21 3.3 Add and configure SSL certificates and bindings
22 3.4 Configure allowed domains for cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)
23 3.5 Configure authentication and authorization using Azure AD and social networks
24 3.6 Back-up and restore Web Apps
25 3.7 Scale up an App Service Plan to add power
26 3.8 Scale out an App Service Plan to handle more users
27 3.9 Understand Azure Traffic Manager
28 3.10 Configure Azure Traffic Manager for performance and reliability
29 Learning Objectives
30 4.1 Explore ways to authenticate when deploying
31 4.2 Deployment methods used for Web Apps
32 4.3 Add a Deployment Slot
33 4.4 Swap between Deployment Slots
34 4.5 Use Auto Swap
35 4.6 Clone Web Apps
36 Learning Objectives
37 5.1 Work with historical requests and errors
38 5.2 Review instance-specific metrics
39 5.3 Learn about diagnostic logs
40 5.4 Monitor live traffic to Web Apps
41 5.5 Use alerts to identify problems
42 5.6 Use Testing in Production to prevent problems
43 Learning Objectives
44 6.1 Understand HTTP errors
45 6.2 Work with Application Events
46 6.3 Review web server logs
47 6.4 Debug an application error in Visual Studio
48 Learning Objectives
49 7.1 Use failed request tracing
50 7.2 Work with Diagnostics as a Service
51 7.3 Analyze Event Logs with DaaS
52 7.4 Analyze HTTP logs with DaaS
53 7.5 Analyze PHP Apps with Zend Z-Ray for Azure
54 7.6 Analyze a memory dump with DaaS
55 7.7 Use Autoheal to avoid problems
56 Learning Objectives
57 8.1 View environment details
58 8.2 Execute commands using Debug Console
59 8.3 Explore processes running in your virtual machines
60 8.4 Extend capabilities with Site Extensions
61 Azure App Service Web Apps – Configuring and Troubleshooting LiveLessons Video – Summary