Azure Resources for AWS Architects

Azure Resources for AWS Architects
Azure Resources for AWS Architects
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You’re already familiar with the ways in which Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help you enhance your development sprint cycles and scale your business. But how does another cloud computing leader, Microsoft Azure, compare? In this course, David Santana helps IT professionals interested in adopting a multicloud strategy grasp what these two essential cloud computing services—Azure and AWS—have to offer. He details the cloud network resources, cloud compute resources, and cloud storage services in both Azure and AWS. Plus, he goes over the cloud security and IAM resources for AWS and Azure, including Azure role-based access control, and goes over how to use each modern cloud infrastructure as code tools.

Topics include:

  • Azure service-oriented architecture
  • Microsoft Azure network resources
  • Configuring an Azure Virtual Network
  • Azure and AWS compute resources
  • Azure and AWS storage services
  • Azure infrastructure as code resources
  • AWS cloud formation templates
Table of Contents

1 Adopting multicloud
2 What you should know
3 Introducing Microsoft Azure service-oriented architecture
4 Business continuity resources
5 AWS service-centric ecosystem
6 Microsoft Azure network resources
7 Configuring an Azure Virtual Network
8 AWS network services
9 Azure compute resources
10 Azure elastic resources for computing
11 AWS compute services
12 Azure storage resources
13 Azure storage account services
14 AWS storage services
15 Azure Active Directory resources
16 Azure role-based access control
17 AWS identity and access management services
18 Azure infrastructure as code resources
19 Azure Resource Manager templates
20 AWS CloudFormation templates
21 Next steps