Azure Essential Training for Developers

Azure Essential Training for Developers
Azure Essential Training for Developers
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The seemingly infinite number of paths you can take to learn Azure can be overwhelming. In this course, instructor Adrienne Braganza Tacke focuses on the fundamentals, covering what you—the developer—need to know to start building, deploying, and managing applications using the popular cloud platform. Adrienne provides a thorough look at the capabilities and offerings of the Azure ecosystem, from storage options to Kubernetes Service scaling strategies. Along the way, she provides the information you need to go for a deeper dive on the topics that most interest you. Whether you need to learn Azure for your job or you’re just curious about how it stacks up against other ecosystems, this course can help you get started.

Topics include:

  • Azure subscriptions, resource groups, and regions
  • The capabilities of Azure App Service
  • When to use Azure Blob Storage
  • Using Durable Functions
  • Provisioning a virtual machine
  • Creating a managed Kubernetes cluster
  • Authentication options in Azure
  • Using Azure Monitor to assess your app’s general health
  • Optimizing apps using Azure Redis
  • Creating an Azure function
  • Using Azure Resource Manager templates
  • Creating containers
  • Publishing container images to the Azure Container Registry
Table of Contents

1 Azure for Developers
2 Cloud Models and Service Types
3 What is an Azure Subscription
4 What is an Azure Resource Group
5 Using the Azure Resource Manager
6 What is an Azure Region
7 What is an Azure Availability Zone
8 What is an Azure App Service
9 Create an App Service to host an API
10 What is Azure Blob Storage
11 What is Cosmos DB
12 Using Azure SQL
13 What is an Azure Function
14 Create a Function with a BlobTrigger
15 Other function trigger types
16 When to use Durable Functions
17 A closer look at Durable Functions
18 Provision a Virtual Machine
19 Azure Resource Manager templates
20 What is Azure Batch
21 Container and Kubernetes Basics
22 Create a managed Kubernetes cluster
23 Create, Publish image to Container Registry
24 Authentication options in Azure
25 Role-Based vs Claims-Based Authorization
26 What is Azure Key Vault
27 Using Azure Monitor
28 What is Application Insights
29 Using Azure Redis for caching
30 Using the Azure Content Delivery Network
31 Kubernetes Service scaling strategies
32 Next steps