Azure for DevOps: Dependency Management

Azure for DevOps: Dependency Management
Azure for DevOps: Dependency Management
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As teams and projects grow, so do dependencies. Microsoft Azure offers dependency management tools to help DevOps teams maximize high availability and speed and minimize the risk of failure. This course covers DevOps management strategies utilizing Azure Artifacts, Azure Pipelines, and the most current security and compliance best practices. Instructor Gurinder Singh Mann explains why dependency management is so important on architecturally complex projects and how Azure Artifacts can simplify the process of creating, hosting, and sharing packages with your team—including publishing packages to your CI/CD pipelines. Plus, find out how to control access to Azure DevOps and secure open-source packages using the free developer tool, WhiteSource Bolt.

Topics include:

  • Why componentize?
  • Azure Artifacts core concepts
  • Setting up a package feed
  • Configuring the pipeline to push packages to the feed
  • Publishing and consuming packages
  • Securing Azure DevOps
  • Using WhiteSource Bolt in a DevOps pipeline
Table of Contents

1 Dependency management in DevOps
2 Who is this course for
3 Course project introduction
4 Why componentize
5 Componentization strategies
6 Introduction to Azure Artifacts
7 Artifacts core concepts
8 Set up a package feed for your team
9 Pipeline integration with your feed
10 Connect your feed to Azure DevOps
11 Publishing to a feed
12 Publish and consume Universal Packages
13 Controlling access in Azure DevOps
14 Securing your Azure DevOps
15 Secure DevOps Kit demo
16 Managing open-source vulnerabilities
17 Deploying WhiteSource into your pipeline
18 Extending your Azure DevOps journey