Azure for DevOps: Application Infrastructure

Azure for DevOps: Application Infrastructure
Azure for DevOps: Application Infrastructure
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Application infrastructure is a core tenant of DevOps, enabling teams to rapidly evolve scalable systems. App infrastructure is also a core component of the AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions certification exam—and the focus of this course. Here Gurinder Singh Mann reviews the strategies, tools, and processes necessary to manage application infrastructure using the Azure DevOps tool and service set. Discover strategies for managing drift, leveraging infrastructure automation with Kubernetes, implementing infrastructure as code with Terraform, and deploying resources in a secure and compliant manner. Invest time learning these key Azure skills. The more successful your organization is developing your application infrastructure, the more performant and scalable your applications will be.

Topics include:

  • Developing an infrastructure strategy
  • Managing technical debt
  • Managing Amazon Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Deploying applications on AKS
  • Scaling your Kubernetes clusters
  • Implementing infrastructure as code
  • Deploying Azure resources via Terraform
  • Implementing security and compliance
Table of Contents

1 The need for agile infrastructure
2 Who is this course for
3 Underlying issues with complex deployments
4 The need for a strategy
5 Components of a strategy
6 Manage technical debt
7 Container orchestration
8 Options for provisioning Kubernetes Services
9 CLI deployment
10 Application deployment process
11 Application deployment demo
12 Define and install application through Helm
13 Create a scaling plan
14 Infrastructure as Code technologies
15 IaC vs. CM Tools
16 Modularization and reuse in templates
17 Define Terraform file
18 Deploy resources via Terraform
19 Maintain security in templates
20 Demo for security
21 Security and compliance in Azure
22 Azure Policy
23 Combining compliance with IaC
24 Desired State Configuration
25 Configuration management in Azure
26 Azure Automation deployment
27 Teardown of Azure environment
28 Next steps