Azure for Developers: API Management

Azure for Developers: API Management
Azure for Developers: API Management
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Azure API Management (APIM) organizes your APIs and provides features that can help you secure, monitor, and document all of your operations. In this course, instructor Robby Millsap takes a deep dive into the features available in APIM. Robby steps through how to set up and publish a robust set of APIs, taking into account implications for security, performance, and more. He shows how to set up APIs from existing sources, including existing APIs and Azure Functions, as well how to mock new APIs that haven’t been created yet. By the end of this course, you’ll have a richer understanding of what’s available in APIM, as well as some handy step-by-step tutorials on how to set up APIs for a wide variety of scenarios.

Topics include:

  • Components and pricing tiers
  • Customizing the developer portal
  • Adding APIs
  • Policies (inbound, outbound, and on-error)
  • Policy expressions
  • Authentication
  • Monitoring APIs
  • Boosting performance using caching features
  • Setting up a custom domain
Table of Contents

1 The 101 on APIs
2 What you should know

3 Components and pricing tiers
4 Demo Creating an APIM instance
5 Products and APIs
6 Demo Configure APIM roles using Azure AD

Developer Portal
7 Developer portal
8 Demo Customizing the developer portal

Adding APIs
9 Blank API
10 Function API
11 Add existing App Service

12 What are policies
13 Policy expressions
14 Demo Integrating Auth0 JWT tokens with APIM

Supporting APIs
15 Monitoring APIs
16 Versioning
17 Caching
18 Throttling
19 Repository
20 Demo Set up custom domain

21 Review