Azure CLI Essentials

Azure CLI Essentials
Azure CLI Essentials
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This beginner-level course teaches the essentials of using the Azure CLI to manage your Azure environment using the command line.

You will learn important concepts of the Azure CLI to create and manage resources in Azure, and also gain a basic understanding of how to build your own scripts.

These essential skills will help you use Azure CLI to simplify and automate your administrative and development tasks.

Table of Contents

1 Course Introduction
2 Azure CLI Command Structure and Help
3 Creating Resources with Azure CLI
4 Azure CLI with Bash Variables – Part 1
5 Azure CLI with Bash Variables – Part 2
6 Azure CLI Output
7 Azure CLI Queries and Bash Pipe
8 Managing Resources with Azure CLI
9 Azure CLI Extensions
10 Getting Started with Bash Scripts
11 Scripted Deployments with Azure CLI and Bash
12 Course Support and Feedback
13 About the Training Architect
14 Using the Azure CLI Essentials Guide
15 Overview of Azure Management
16 Azure Essentials
17 Command Line Shells
18 Getting Started with Azure CLI
19 Using Azure CLI through the Cloud Shell