Azure for Architects: Design a Compute Strategy

Azure for Architects: Design a Compute Strategy
Azure for Architects: Design a Compute Strategy
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Learn about designing a compute strategy with Microsoft Azure and prepare for the compute portion of the Exam AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design. Instructor Scott Duffy starts with an overview of Azure compute basics, then discusses pricing and shares best practices for managing costs in Azure. Scott covers migrating to serverless and microservices. He demonstrates how to use the command line, PowerShell, the Azure portal, and more.

Topics include:

  • Azure compute options
  • Regions and availability zones
  • Advantages of cloud computing
  • Azure virtual machines
  • Virtual machine scale sets
  • Functions and logic apps
  • Reserved instances and hybrid option
  • Auto-scaling
  • Dev/Test licensing
  • High-performance compute
Table of Contents

1 About the Azure compute services course
2 What you should know
3 What is compute
4 Azure compute options
5 Azure App Service and Functions
6 Service Fabric, containers, and Batch
7 Azure regions
8 Availability Sets and Availability Zones
9 Advantages of cloud computing
10 Alternative application architectures
11 Azure compute pricing
12 Virtual Machines (VM)
13 Virtual Machine Scale Sets
14 App Service
15 Service Fabric
16 Functions and Logic Apps
17 Containers
18 Reserved VM Instances and Hybrid Benefit
19 Autoscaling
20 Migrate to serverless and microservices
21 Dev test licensing
22 Auto-shutdown
23 Azure pricing calculator
24 What is High Performance Compute (HPC)
25 HPC options in Azure
26 Azure Batch
27 Managing compute in the Azure portal
28 Managing compute using PowerShell
29 Managing compute using the command line
30 Next steps