Azure Administration Essential Training

Azure Administration Essential Training
Azure Administration Essential Training
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Get a cloud administrator’s view of Microsoft Azure. David Elfassy covers the essentials of Azure, providing an inside look at working with its cloud-based storage and networking services, which can scale up or down as your organization changes. He goes over Azure management tools, shares tactics for controlling costs, and shows how to manage your Azure account and configure options via PowerShell scripting. Plus, he details how to set up services successfully, including web apps, virtual machines, Active Directory, and VPNs.

Topics include:

  • Fundamentals of cloud computing
  • Controlling Azure costs
  • Managing Azure using Azure PowerShell
  • Implementing and managing Azure web apps
  • Creating and managing virtual machines in Azure
  • Exploring Azure Active Directory (AD)
  • Creating a virtual network
  • Creating network gateways
Table of Contents

1 The essentials of Microsoft Azure
2 Using Cloud Services

Getting Familiar with Microsoft Azure
3 Fundamentals of cloud computing
4 Fundamentals of cloud service offerings
5 Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure Key concepts
6 Getting familiar with Azure management tools
7 Fundamentals of Azure management
8 Controlling Azure costs
9 Exploring the Azure Security Center
10 Managing Azure using Azure PowerShell
11 Implementing a storage account
12 Managing an Azure storage account
13 Azure feature release cycle
14 Exploring Azure deployment templates
15 Exploring resource groups

Microsoft Azure Web Apps
16 Implementing Azure web apps
17 Managing Azure web apps
18 Configuring Azure App Service plan

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines
19 Creating virtual machines in Azure, part 1
20 Creating virtual machines in Azure, part 2
21 Managing virtual machines in Azure
22 Connecting to virtual machines in Azure

Microsoft Azure Active Directory
23 Exploring Azure Active Directory (AD)
24 Exploring Azure enterprise applications
25 Managing users in Azure AD
26 Managing groups in Azure AD
27 Managing devices in Azure AD
28 Joining a device to Azure AD
29 Exploring advanced Azure AD features

Microsoft Azure Networking
30 Understanding the Azure networking components
31 Exploring virtual networking objects in the Azure portal
32 Creating a virtual network
33 Creating network gateways

34 Next steps