AWS Fundamentals – AWS for the Real World

AWS Fundamentals – AWS for the Real World

English | 2023 | 461 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 267 MB

AWS Fundamentals: AWS for the Real World – Not Just for Certifications

AWS Fundamentals Is a Book and Newsletter That Teaches You AWS for the Real World, Not Just for Certifications.

AWS is an amazing ecosystem. It democratized the way of building modern web applications. But the learning curve of learning and really mastering AWS is steep!

It is hard to really master AWS. Building on AWS means using a lot of services. You will end up following the same best practices over and over again. We want to show you these.

In AWS Fundamentals , you will learn the basic AWS services and how you can get started building with AWS. We love to learn and teach visually. This is why we’ve created infographics for every service within the book.

  • All major categories of services (Compute, Storage, Networking, etc.)
  • From traditional computing to serverless computing
  • The important config options you need to know and not more
  • The basics of modern infrastructure-as-code (CloudFormation, CDK, Serverless)

By the end of the book, you’ll have the fundamentals to be working with AWS and to build real world applications.